Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: Homemaker - Issue 12

Soooo, it was nice to come home to Homemaker through the letter box.  It meant I had something to read.  I like  to read Homemaker, as with some craft magazines, all you really do is flick through them to see which projects you like, but with Homemaker, I like to sit down and read it properly - the projects are interspersed with interviews and columns from crafty people.

Anyway, this issue did not disappoint and I sat and finished reading through it on my lunch break yesterday, so absorbed that I was totally ignoring everything going on around me in the office.  Most unusual for me as I am super nosey and hate to think that I am missing anything.

This issue comes with a 2014 calendar featuring prints from Spoonflower.  I will be putting this to good use on my craft wall with my DT project deadlines written it.  I am getting really busy at the moment, but more about my DT projects later.

One of my favourite things this issue has to be the new knitting section and column by Ruth Cross.  I love the idea of knitting (even if I don't do it) and there is a gorgeous knitting stocking pattern in this issue.  I would really love to find time (and learn how to) knit these two-colour stockings featuring cute poppoms.  There are also pretty gift bags and knitting news.

There are also some other non-knittng stockings this issue, made using silk dupion (tres luxurious) in very Christmassy reds and blues.  Staying on this colour theme, there are also  some sparkly glitter baubles, a Christmas cake band and a cushion featuring a cute felted robin.

Wayne Hemingway discusses the need to instill creativity at a young age, as starting in adulthood is too late.  I am inclined to disagree with him on this one.  As an academic child, creativity never really featured much in my childhood, it is something I have embraced in the last couple of years really, and embraced it with gusto I have.  I have discovered that I am much more creative that I ever thought I would be and to boot I am actually quite good at some of the things I try to make and do.

I loved reading the feature on Kirstie Allsop, who is definitely a girl after my own heart with her love of tinsel - I feel that you can never have enought at Christmas - it is the one time of year where it is OK to make everything shimmer and sparkle, and it should be embraced wholeheartedly.  Her Christmas sounds very much as I would like mine to be, should I have more time on my hands for preparations.

It is baking galore this issue, with the lovely Lisa Faulkner first up.  She shares her love of cooking and even has a few recipes for you, including a chocolate tart.

Next up is Eric Lanland with tips for achieving the perfect roast potato and a chocolate and chestnut yule log recipe.

From the first series of Great British Bake Off (what am I to do with my Tuesday nights now?), Ruth Clemens has a spices orange chocolate finger recipe.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Christmas cake recipe
  • Kirstie Allsop has a gorgeous Christmas wreath
  • wax gild a charity shop find for a gorgeous antique finish
  • makes with vintage Christmas cards, including decorations, bunting and crackers
  • meet Sophie Allport, designer of beautiful ceramics
  • papercut a simple seaonal greeting card
  • make a feature of Christmas carol sheet music
  • wall hanging Christmas tree
  • furoshioki wrapping
  • patchwork pouffe
  • Linda Barker has hints and tips on how to clean your fireplace (oh to have a beautiful old-fashioned fireplace!)
  • DIY Christmas hamper
  • chocolate brownie recipe
  • start biscuits recipe
  • peppermint cookie recipe
  • coconut ice recipe
  • Alice Palace sister, Alice and Liz, share where they find their inspiration and the tricks to working with siblings
  • glass decorating with Posca pens
  • a run down of the best German Christmas markets
  • gingerbread decs (non-edible)
  • glassblower extraordinnaire, Elin Isaksoon, explains how it all started
Competitions and giveaways this issue include:
  • a spa stay at Ragdale Hall
  • £500 to spend at Next Home
The next issue is out on 22nd November wth some more Christmas ideas.

Happy Crafting!


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