Friday, 11 October 2013

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 53 (November 2013)

Soooo, I was muchos looking forward to this issue of Sew, as the preview in the previous issue had already identified a project I wanted to make (which I shall be doing when I get back from my jollies).  I was also looking forward to the free dress pattern, as I have fabric and can't decide which dress to make.  I love the wiggle dress style though.

Anywho, I thought the dress pattern was what I call a 'proper pattern' and would be the free gift, but it turns out that the pattern is a download (not that that bothers me, I am happy  to work with download patterns) and the free gift is actually a Scandi Christmas pattern book, which has 33 festive gift and decoration ideas.  My personal faves are the ice skate stockings, reindeer pillows and the children's hooded coat.  I would love to make one each for each of the nieces (and maybe Bertie too - my friend's little boy), but this may have to be a post-Christmas or in preparation for next Christmas project.  I would also love to make one in Holly-size as I am desperate for a new winter coat, but again, this would now probably have to be a post-Christmas project.  My current coat will just have to last one more year.  To be fair, it is in decent condition, I just don't like it any more, so I'm not going to freeze to death. 

There are also some pretty papers in the pattern book, along with lots of lovely Christmas fabrics to lust after.

Anyway, on to the magazine proper.  As already mentioned, there is a gorgeous downloadable wiggle dress pattern, and  I think that the best part of this pattern is that it only requires 1.1 metre of fabric (plus one metre for the lining).  I usually find that anything less than 3m just won't be enough for a dress.  The dress also looks pretty simple to make as it the skirt and bodice are one, rather than separate and there are only two sets of darts to sew.

I was excited to read the Glove Making Masterclass.  Unfortunately, no glove projects, which disappointed me a little as I would love to do something like that.  I'm a lady at heart - love hats and nice gloves, but very little occasion to wear them in this day and age.  Anyway, I am still inspired and I will be adding this to the list of things I would like to do.  If anyone knows of any classes in Leeds or surrounding areas, I would be very interested to have some details (it would be so much easier to live in London for these things).

The project I was most interested in is the adorable felt angel-winged slippers.  They are just so adorable.  I will most definitely be making a pair of these when I get home from my holidays for my friend's little girl.  If successful, I will also make some of these to sell at a craft fair I have coming up.  I think they could be a big seller for Christmas.  I am tempted to adapt them in greens and reds to make them little elf slippers too.  Hmm . . . .

I love the Scandi House, which I think, if I find the patience to make it, would make a great gift presentation for everyone I know.  Now, I know that there is no way I would have the patience to sit and make one for everyone, but if I have any awkward-shaped presents for someone I really liked, then I think this could be the answer.  I think I would like to make one anyway, even if I only use it as a sweetie jar for Christmas.

I also love the lampshade, and having done my own lampshade recovering when I was first starting out crafting, I know that this can be easier than it seems and this is something I would like to have a go at again.  I find that the buy a lampshade frame is quite expensive however.  Maybe I should raid charity shops and strip them back down  to the frame.  Anyway, this is likely to be something I do when I move house and have new rooms to decorate and put my stamp on.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Dressmaking SOS! has advice on bound buttonholes (still confused!), rolled hems (these I understand) and how to sew lace (still a bit confused);
  • Liberty pyjama trousers
  • Patchwork carry all with vintage magazine pictures
  • Ethnic bag
  • Oversized owl pincushion
  • Leather cushions
  • 2 different quilts
  • Homespun sampler
  • Christmas napkins and placemats
  • Pintuck cushions
  • Festive mouse
  • Stocking fillers - fill them with sweets
Tutorials this issue include:
  • How to create welt seams
  • How to make a large bow and sash
The next issue is out on 8th November and comes with a free New Look peplum dress pattern (excited already).

Happy Crafting!


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