Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 17

Soooo, this actually arrived last Thursday, but I have been so very busy with various bits and bobs that this is the first chance I have had to write my post about it.

This is Box 17 and this is the Medieval box. 

Now, as a bit (lot) of a history geek, I was very excited when I opened the box to find out that it was a medieval one, and even more excited about all the goodies inside, which are beautiful and luxorious, evoking a time of fairytales and romance.

First up is a gorgeous Art Card by Luisa Kelle, and this shall be taking pride of place on my craft room wall with the rest of my art cards.  I am amassing quite a collection.

Then there are the pretty double sided papers.  I can never bear to cut these up, and these ones are no exception to that rule.  Same goes for the fat quarter of fabric.  The leaflet in the box suggests making a little cushion, but if I can bear to cut it up at all I with either make it into bow ties or maybe a pin cushion/needle book set.  I could do with a new pincushion - mine has nearly been stabbed to death through use.

The box also contains some silver Metamica fabric paint from Stewart Gill.  I am currently in the process of thinking up projects for this.  So far I am thinking of getting a plain black t-shirt and drawing silver stars on it, or maybe something more Christmassy and drawing a Christmas tree.  I am also wondering how well it would work with my stamps to stamp images on fabric and then use to make various objects.  I have a fair collection of plain fabrics collected that I could use. 

Next up are some metallic fibres.  These are similar to Angelina fibres, and although I have some, I haven't used them yet.  Basically, you take a few and iron them to fuse them.  You can then use them as backgrounds on your cards, die-cut shapes from them for embellishments on projects, or as I saw at a demonstration, die-cut shapes and make them into eaarings.  These can also be used with your stamps, and should I ever get round to using my little starter kit (which I have had since Easter), I will show you how!

The box also has some washi tape and lots of little charms - fleur-de-lis, crowns and pendants, which I am sure I can find lots of uses for.  There are also two metal filigrees which are extremely pretty and could be used for all sorts.  The box suggests as centre pieces on jewellery or clothes trims, which I may do with one, but the other I have cut in half diagonally and will use as corners on a card or two.

There is also a string of red beads, which I am thinking up plans for.  I could be tempted to use the instructions in the kit and make another kit item.

Unfortunately, the velventeen ribbon was not in the box, as CC have had supplier problems, but I am looking forward to receiving it next time.

Finally, the box contains a great kit to make a medieval-style bracelet.  I was going to make mine on Sunday afternoon (as it looks so pretty) but I fell asleep :-(  Anyway, the kit contains glass pearl beads, seed beads, a venetian glass bead, beading thread and a beading needle (which I couldn't find at first, but then found in amongst the text on the instructions - blonde moment!).

Anyway, the instructions look pretty clear and if I manage to do it right it should look really pretty.  Maybe this Sunday I will find time to make it.  I do hope so.

Happy Crafting!



  1. I had exactly the same 'blonde moment' - glad I wasn't alone!

  2. When you make the bracelet will you be posting it?

    1. I will. I hope to find time at the weekend. Holly x


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