Saturday, 30 November 2013

Review: Homemaker

Sooo, sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days.  Life suddenly got very busy and I have not had time to blog.  Actually, that is a lie - I had two hours on Tuesday night, when I had planned to do all my catching up, but I got home to a gas leak, so spent two hours sat in the cold and dark as I couldn't turn the gas off, and I couldn't use anything electrical, so couldn't turn the laptop on.  It would have otherwise been the perfect opportunity.  

Anyway, it meant that I couldn't set up the posts for the last two days, and due to lack of spending time at home and lack of lunch breaks since, this is the first time I have had to blog, so you can have them both today, or maybe one today and one tomorrow, as the disasters have continued and when I went to photograph one of my DT cards yesterday, I managed to spill PVA glue all over it.  I left it to see if it was rescuable, but unfortunately not, so I Have to start that one all over again and it needs to be done today.  First though, I thought I would do a bit of blogging in an attempt to relax a little, as I am feeling extremely highly strung at the moment :-( and have so much to do I don't actually know where to start.

Right, I have waffled on enough I think.  This month's issue of Homemaker comes with a great freebie - a decopatch Christmas decoration kit.  I haven't made mine yet, as I simply have not had time, but I have added them to my to do pile and hope to get on with them before Christmas, although it may be before Christmas 2015 at this rate.  For those that have never decopatched before, there are instructions in the magazine.

I love the first project this issue.  It is aimed at New Years Eve, but change the colour scheme and it would be perfect for any party, or Christmas.  Let The Countdown begin has some gorgeous, elegant invitations featuring feathers, together with some feather drink stirrers.  There are glittery countdown tealight holders and feathery place names.  Finally, there are some glittery glasses with countdown numbers and some simple decoration ideas.

It was interesting to read Wayne Hemingways theory that the UK's consumer attitude towards thrift is changing.  I agree with him that although my generation is the first one in many to actually be worse off than our parents, the culture of mass consumption still seems to be there (fuelled by more and more expensive credit, probably and thrift does seem to be for the middle-classes as a bit of a fad.  However, as someone who is grouped within the working classes, I am one of the few that step out of the norm and I do try to be thrifty.  This is probably because I learned the hard way that living on credit is not the way to go.  Five years after getting myself into a big mess, I am still trying to pay various forms of credit off, and although I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, it has been a hard slog, I have learned my lesson, and as such I would be reluctant to get credit again.  I must admit, this is hard as everywhere I go I get offered credit cards.  Usually, a quick 'you wouldn't give me one anyway' suffices, but sometimes the people trying to 'sell' these things are really pushy and do not give up.  Anyway, having learned my lesson (and I know many who haven't and are getting themselves into the same mess over and over again), I have definitely become an advocate of the make do and mend.  I make as much as I can rather than just going out and buy it, and do you know what, there is a greater sense of satisfaction in doing that.  I also don't have to have everything new, and will buy/accept second hand of it is offered to me and I can make use of it.  People may think I am strange, but I do feel better knowing that the amount of money I owe to people is coming down, not going up, and now that I am nearing the end, seeing the extra money in my bank that I no longer have to pay out is oh so good.  I am now fighting the temptation to spend those pennies . . .

Anyway, small rant over. 

I like Kirstie Allsop's paper Christmas star decorations, and I think these could be something I could make with the nieces, as they don't look difficult to make.  It would keep them quiet for a while at least, use up those odds and ends of wrapping paper, and they look really good.

I love the quick-sew chair cover, and wish I'd seen this a year ago - it would have probably saved me a few hundred pounds at my wedding (although maybe added a little stress).  I still think these would be nice should I ever have a nice enough house/the cooking/mental ability to host a dinner party/do Christmas. 

There's a fair bit of baking going on this issue:

  • badger loaf 
  • viennese chocolate
  • jam star danish pastries
  • kugelhopf
  • pumpkin soup with chantilly and onion confit

Other projects and features this issue include:

  • interview with Cath Kidston
  • upcycled to home decorations with twine, including a table
  • interview with Sam Green, founder of Retreat Home
  • use up that button jar with a button artwork
  • learn all about wreaths and make your own bauble version
  • Linda Barker prepares you for winter
  • Decorator's Diary has some glitz and sparkle to your decor
  • spruce up s magazine wrack
  • quick Christmas cards
  • comfy cushions for cosying up this winter
  • table runner
  • knit a glitzy centrepiece (again - I must learn to knit)
  • knit a throw
  • interview with Julie Dodswoth
  • make a Christmas centrepiece
  • cloth and card crackers
  • interview with Ella Doran
  • interview with Lesley Pearse

The next issue is out on 20th December.

Happy Crafting!


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