Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 54 (December 2013)

Sooo, I always look forward to receiving my copy of Sew, and I was muchly looking forward to the free New Look pattern that came with the latest issue (in the shops now).  My only  niggle is that the pattern only goes up to a size 16 and I don't always fit a size 16 when using a pre-printed pattern.  Fingers crossed this doesn't measure small.  I'm also a little unsure about the peplum, as I usually think about the ironing on these things, but it would balance out my otherwise top-heavy figure.  I do like the neckline variations, and I do have some fabric with which to make this dress, so it may be an upcoming project.

I think the fabric advent calendar is sweet and I love the idea of tying the sweets on - no more having to sew 24 pockets - all you need is a bit of ribbon and string.

I like the idea of the embroisered napkins with a Christmas tree motif.  These would make a lovely little gift and I could be tempted to make some (should I find time), as they are a perfect gift to sew on a cold winter's night in front of the TV.  The pattern given in the magazine uses a variety of stitches, so I think these would be great for people wanting to practice.

This project is followed up by sme cute embroidered stockings for baby's first Christmas.  These are made using vintage lace and linen, but it does beg the question (to me anyway) who has vintage lace and linen lying around?!  If it hasn't already been repurposed, it is probably being kept for sentimental reasons.

The ballerina bear is so sweet and would be perfect for any little girl. Even the bear is made from scratch, which I didn't realise until I started reading the instructions.  It also has a cute little detatchable corsage, which the little recipient could remove and use as her own corsage.  My nieces are probably both a bit old for this now, but I think it would make a great keepsake and should any more nieces ever come along (not likely for a while - I may be waiting for great nieces), it may be something I make.

Other projects and features include:
  • dressmaking SOS! has advice on pleats
  • a child's hooded cape
  • Business Bite catches up with Liesl Gibson of Oliver +S
  • pom pom jewellery
  • gingerbread house sewing box
  • appliqued portrait
  • fabric brooch
  • jar and bottle cosies
  • nordic cushion
  • bird decorations
  • Kirstie Allsop tells all about how she does Christmas
  • quilted doll pram set
  • russian doll

Tutorials this issue include:
  • How to customise a dress with paint
  • How to add lace to a dress
  • How to create knife pleats
  • How to make an embellished leather collar
  • How to make blackberry jam
  • How to create a white vine tea towel
Giveaways this issue include:
  • Downton Abbey fabric bundles
  • craft kits from dotcomgiftshop
  • haberdashery goody bag
  • Best Press set
  • Juki HZL-G110 sewing machine.
The next issue is out on 13th December and comes with a New Look pattern to make up your own suit, with blazer, waistcoat, trousers and dress options.

Happy Crafting!


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