Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review: Crafty Creatives Box 18

Sooooo, my Crafty Creatives Box 18 arrived with me at work on Tuesday, and I couldn't wait until lunchtime to be able to open it and play with all the goodies inside.

This month's box is the last of the current format, as it will be changing to be more kit orientated after the new year, and the theme this time is 'Handmade' and there are lots of little goodies inside.

 First up is the kit - this month there is a kit to make a little pin cushion.  The kit includes instructions, two fabrics, stuffing (not shown) and buttons for decoration.  You need to add your own sewing needle and thread to be able to make the pin cushion.

The fabrics are beautiful, one featuring a tape measure design and the other with some little bobbins. 

In honesty, I probably won't make a pin cushion, as I have about 20 at home, but I'm sure I will find uses for everything in the kit.

Probably the item I am most excited about is the bails.  There are little metal objects which can be attached to various items to turn them into pendants.  I have lots of things that I could turn into pendants and now I have the means to do that.  Expect lots of jewellery posts in the next few weeks/months.  It is something I am getting quite into at the moment.

On a similar note are the glass tiles, which can also be used to make pendants, and I intend to put these to good use.

There are two lots of charms - two pairs of scissors and three buttom cluster charms.  These would also be great for jewellery making too, or adding to cards as embellishment, or other papercrafts.

Everything above (except the kit) I am now storing in the little metal tin that came with the box also.  I have a smaller version at home which I use to keep some pins in and they are great for storing all the little bits and bobs that would just get lost otherwise.

I'm still trying to think what I could do with the wooden bobbins and the wooden 'handmade' signs, but I am sure something will spring to mind eventually.

The Stix2 sticky pencil is a brilliant idea for picking up tint crafty items such as gems, diamantes, pins etc.  I am always trying to pick things up with tweezers/my fingers and failing miserably.

Finally, the 'handmade with love ribbon' already has a use - I am going to use it as labels in the Christmas pyjamas I am currently making for the nieces for Christmas.

There is also the ribbon which was missing from the last box.

As always, I will share with you all my creations (including the pyjamas when they are finished).

Happy Crafting!


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