Friday, 27 December 2013

Review: Homemaker - Issue 14

Soooo, just a change, this is late.  Many apologies, this time I blame Christmas and birthday getting in the way.

This issue hit the shops last Friday, disappointingly with no free gift but never mind, it is packed full of ideas for the (hopefully) upcoming spring.  I just hope spring doesn't take as long to make an appearance as it did last year.  I'm fed up of the rain already and want some sunshine.

Just in case spring decides to make a late appearance, there are some more cosy projects.  One of my faves is the Fairisle-style cushion, which I am currently trying to convince my sister to knit for me.  The alternative is that I learn to knit and make it myself.

Kirstie Allsop has some gorgeous bath melts, which I would like to make.  However, the only things I have in the house to make these at the moment are the paper cupcake cases and the plastic jug.  Hmmm . . . maybe something to try when I have a bit of money to buy all the rest.

I am going to have to attempt the mini pinatas for the  nieces, maybe for the next birthday.  I have until May so that is plenty of time for practice. 

I love the hand-dye and print cushion.  The design is great and is wonderful for those that like to make there projects from the very beginning.  I, however, would probably not be dyeing the fabric, but would simply buy the correct colour.  I love the anchor design and I might be tempted to make a version of these when I move into my new house - I have seen one I like, its just a case of getting approval from my sister (who is buying) and hopefully it will still be on the market when she returns home.

As a self-confessed bookworm, I enjoyed reading about book binding, the history and the techniques.  I'm not sure I will be trying this myself as I simply don't have the time and I love buying books - I could spend hours wandering around a book shop.

I also really like the upcycled table.  Again, this could go in my new house, but first I would have to find an old table and second I would have to convince my Pops that I can be trusted with a saw.  Apparently, sharp objects are not to be in my possession.  Anyway, I love the modern look to this table, and the zinc top, which is not only stylish but I think could act like a mirror and make the room seem bigger.

I was going to make Eric Lanlard's chocolate orange truffles as a Christmas treat, but never found time.  I could possibly make them as a new-year treat, or just a middle of the year treat when I find time.  I would especially like to make these as they are not dark chocolate, as most of Eric Lanlard's creations are, but instead are white chocolate.

I love the fabric fairy lights made from fabric scraps and plastic cups, and think these would be a great idea for the nieces.  These would also be a great project to make with the nieces, as I don't think they would be able to make too much mess or stick themselves together.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • quilted hot water bottle cover
  • quilted mug cosy
  • draft excluder
  • Wayne Hemingway discusses how music cam transcend fashion and the Northern Soul movement
  • paper rosettes
  • wall picture
  • rose ball
  • paper tassel garland
  • Linda Barker has space-saving solutions
  • umbrella stand from scratch
  • simple quilt
  • headboard slipcover
  • embroidery
  • embroidered shelf-edging for the larder
  • feature on What Delilah Did owner, Sophie Simpson
  • knitted tea cosy
  • knitted message board
  • Paul Hollywood makes Queen of Puddings
  • Juliet Sear has some chocolate ganache cupcakes
  • coconut and cranberry flapjack
  • up and coming artist Mark McConnell talks about his brand, YOKE
  • papercut birthday card
  • Twinkie Chan has crochet tips
  • indoor bulb display

The next issue is out on 24th January with a free Russian Doll kit.

Happy Christmas!


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