Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Papercrafter - Issue 67

Soooooooo very very very sorry that this is late.  A minor nervous breakdown (mixture of work stress, extreme tiredness (thanks to insomnia) and the car breaking down resulted in a Holly melt-down)  on Wednesday put paid to my plans to get this written then.  Yesterday, I wasn't too sure whether I was going to explode or spontaneously combust, so I made myself take a lunchbreak and (try to) relax but ended up only taking half a lunchbreak so didn't get it finished, and today, I had big plans to finish the post on my lunchbreak, but forgot to take the magazine to work with me, and anyway I only got half a lunchbreak again.  I am thinking that I need a holiday to de-stress and for my brain to reset itself.  I might not be so dozy then.

Anyway, this issue is out in the shops now, and I actually got my copy last Friday, but home life has been as busy a work life, so finding time to sit down and read the mag has seemed as impossible as sitting down to write my review.

This is the first non-Christmassy crafting magazine of the season, and it has been a nice breath of fresh air.  I do feel that I get all Christmassed out by December these days.

Anyway, this issue comes with a vintagey floral kit with the usual papers, ribbons, die-cuts and embellishments.  Some of the papers are gorgeous, and I have managed to already use some to make a card, which I posted up yesterday.  Click here for details.

As is normal, the first feature in this magazine is the Papercrafter showcase, which includes ideas for cards, paper lanterns, book coverings and bindings and even a bird hut and vases.

Dreamy Greetings uses pretty much just the kit to make some pretty flowery aperture cards and Dainty Floral Designs has some pretty pastel floral cards, as does Pretty cards, but this also has an amazing pop-up card and a cool new home, house-stepper card, which I may have a go at making as one of my colleagues has just moved into a new house.  I'm hoping that this weekend maybe a bit less hectic than previous ones and I can get time to sit, relax and do some crafting.

Iris Fold cards even has a man-card, although it is made with the flowery papers.  I still think it looks good though.

There is a BoBunny scrapbooking special, jaunty journals, frames, artwork to put in said frames, garlands and an interview with designer, Rachael Taylor.  

Customised Caddy using decoupage techniques to create some pretty storage for bits and pieces and Everlasting Blossoms has a floral hair piece!  It also has a buttonhole, a brooch, a card and a pretty little gift box, as does Elegant Sweetie Box, which pretty much does as it says on the tin.  Multifold Cards also does what it says on the tin.

The most ambitious project this issue has to be the Easel Card Box which is great for storage, as an extra special birthday card, or a lovely gift box for a small present, such as jewellery.  The Owl Gift Boxes would also be perfect for this and are sooooo cute!

The next issue is out on 10th January.

Happy Crafting!


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