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Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 55 (Jan 2014)

Sooo, today sees the arrival of the new issue of Sew Magazine hit the shops, and there is not a bit of Christmas in it - yay!  I am already starting to feel a bit Christmassed out - I know, I'm such a scrooge.

Anyway, there are lots of good projects this issue, not least the first one which shows you how to use your free New Look multi-pattern, which has options for a dress, trousers, waistcoat and jacket with two sleeve-length options.

I love the little tutorial showing how to make sequin heart elbow patches.  These would be a great addition to a jumper and I might just have to invest in some jumpers just so I can add some of these gorgeous patches, because let's face it, who doesn't need more sparkle in their lives.

Home trends is all about the Far East this issue with Japanese decor and even some gorgeous japanese silk bunting, which I would love to make if I could think of somewhere to put it.

I think that the felt coasters project from Lisa Steed Davey are a brilliant way to use up some of those felt scraps, and they look pretty simple to make for the beginners out there.

I was very excited about the sewing caddy project, thinking it would solve all (well some of) my storage problems, but upon reading it, I realised that it was not a revamped ottoman-type thing like I thought, but a revamped stool.  I still really like it though, and it has encouraged me to find an old ottoman that needs revamping and turn it into a sewing caddy.  I'm thinking this is something I need to maybe get my Pops involved in, to make extra storage inside the ottoman with trays etc.

I love the funky cloud cuhions and I think these were be great for kids, old and young alike.  I am tempted to add these to my project list to make for the nieces - I could even do one blue and one pink a la the magazine as my eldest niece is becoming a bit of a tomboy and hates pink.  I don't think these would be expensive to make either, as they are made with ticking.

I also adore the patchwork snakes and ladders playmat, and whilst my nieces would probably be too old for a playmat, I think this is something I could make for the many other children that seem to have been making an appearance over the last few months.  It truly is scary bananas that so many of my friends have children.  Similar applies to the bowling set, though to be fair, I think this would be a good present for many of my friends, let along their children.

There is one project that I am definitely going to be making for a family member (as soon as I get the right fabric), and that is the Scittie dog cusion.  I'm not an animal person, but even I think that this is just adorable and I have to make it.  It would go perfect in the house of the person I will be making this for, but I'm not sure if she reads my blog so I daren't say who it is.

As I am currently in the middle of making the angel wing slippers from a previous issue, I have taken a bit more of an interest in the blossom booties.  I think I will make these, should I find time, and they would make a great birthday present for my friend's little girl, who will be 1 in May, so that should give me plenty of time.

I also know a little boy who would love love love the dinosaur aprom, as he loves everything dinosaur, so I think I will have to make this as well at some point.

Other projects and features in this issue include:
  • Dressmaking SOS! goes back to basics
  • a no-pattern, stretch panel skirt
  • find out what is happening at ASOS's stictch academy
  • new columnist, Lauren, from Great British Sewing Bee
  • turban headband
  • embroidered photo album, including an embroidered photo!
  • needlepoint masterclass
  • hexagon quilt
  • framed scenes
Tutorials this issue include:
  • How to assemble a downloaded pattern

Giveaways this issue include:
  • Mini iron (I keep meaking to get one of these but I never get round to buying one)
  • Spoonflower goodies
  • Make It tickets
  • Creative Crafts tickets
  • Janome FM725
The next issue is out on 10 January nd comes with a free fat quarter and project sheet and a Great British Sewing Bee dress pattern.

Happy Crafting!


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