Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: Homemaker - Issue 15

Sooooo, this issue hit the shops on Friday, but as this particular magazine requires proper reading, it has taken me until now to finish off my review.

This issue comes with a free Russian Doll kit, but I am likely to use the materials provided for something else.  There are loads of ideas in the magazine for kit alternatives, including a cushion, a purse and flowers.  I'm tempted by either the flowers or the purse.

There seems to be much mention of Valentine's Day and Mother's Day this issue, and I suppose that can only be expected.  The crepe and crayon bouquet would be perfect for the latter, and something that you can probably get the kids involved in too.  Later on in the magazine there are also some twisted and scrunch flowers.  Again, as nothing too dangerous us unvolced, this could be something the kids could help out with to make a lovely floral display/bouquet  for grandmama.

Set The Scene for A Celebration has some gorgeous table decorations.  These are aimed at Valentine's Day, but I'm sure they woudl double up brilliantly for Mother's Day too with a quick switch of colour, or even using the pink used in the magazine.

Crackle Paint Your Bedside Table is a project I would really like to try for my new house, which I have decided I would very much like a vintage feel to.  Whether I will be able to create this in a fairly modern house (if I get the one I want) remains to be seen, but I am going to have a go.  There are some ideas later on in the magazine that are 'romantic vintage' which is tres moi, so I will be popping back to those pages in a couple of months.

As for the baking element this month, Eric Lanlard starts us off with some chocolate martinis (nom nom nom nom nom), which is followed by Lorraine Pascale's rasberry, vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake.  Technically, I already have this recipe as I bought myself Lorraine's Lighter Way To Bake book, but it was swiftly commandeered by the step-mother (non-wicked) before I got chance to look through it properly.  Not to worry, I can use the recipe from Homemaker!  Finally, Gino D'Acampo has cherry tiramisu and a pannetone, chocolate and marsala frozen cake.  This is followed by Mary Berry telling a little of her story, but unfortunately no recipes from her.

Other projects and features include:
  • Wayne Hemmingway discusses if we are doing enough to support the next generation of crafters (I am inclined to say no)
  • Origami hearts and butterflies decorations
  • feature on Brissi
  • DIY lampshade
  • feature on notonthehighstreet.com founder, Holly Tucker
  • feature on the founder of Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell
  • the story of Liberty
  • bicycle saddle cover and basket bag
  • upholster a chair (kitchen-style)
  • cafe curtain
  • crochet nesting bowls
  • knitted heart cushion - LOVE this, but can't knit
  • knitted kitsch doily
  • Linda Barker has advice on preparing your house for selling
  • Meet The Maker meets Roddy and Ginger founder, Virginia Armstrong
  • DIY printed cushion
  • painted kitchen pots and worktop saver.
The next issue is out on 21st February 2014.

Happy Crafting!


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