Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 56 (February 2014)

Sooo, sorry this is late today.  I have been having a few blogger issues.  For some reason, it just would not let me sign in.  Anyway, I am in now, so fingers crossed.

This issue is in the shops now and comes with a fre fat quarter of Tilly fabric and a project book with fives ideas for using the fabric, including:
  • applique a cushion
  • stitch a gift bag
  • sew an elephant
  • make an envelope clutch
  • stitch a bunny.
Of course, these can be done with any fat quarter of fabric, not just the freebie with the magazine.

Now, onto the magazine proper, and there are some great projects in this issue.

First up, is the free downloadable Great Britich Sewing Bee pattern, which is the dress made by Stuart (one of my faves) on the show, if you remember.  It shows the dress in both the fabric stuart used and another, brighter fabric.  There are also step-by-step instructions.  The dress is only downloadable for a limited time though, so be quick.

I loved reading Laced in History.  Lace is one of my favourite fabrics, and I always tell myself that I should use it and wear it more.  Also, as a history geek, I loved reading about the history of the fabric.  I would love to have a go at making some myself, but I'm not sure with my busy life as it is at the moment whether I will ever find the time.

I love love love the valentine hearts and I might even make one for the hubby, if I thought for one minute that the most unromantic person in the world would appreciate the sentiment.  I am still tempted to make a couple for my upcoming craft fair, as I really like the idea of them.  There are four varieties in the magazine:  the key to my heart; to my valentine; your heart is mine; love me, love my 'tache, the latter being my favourite and the one I am most likely to make.

I am waiting for some more babies to be born so that I have make the baby stacking rings, which have a cute little rabbit head for the top.  This is a great stash-buster project.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Dressmaking SOS! has advice and tips on alterations
  • Amy Butler has a no-pattern drawstring dress
  • The Little Tailoress, Ami Lowden, tells why she loves creating her own wardrobe
  • Wedding Ring pillow
  • Button jewellery
  • Liberty quilt
  • flower cushion
  • felt wreath
  • heart pillows
  • Business Bite speaks to Sew Over It's Lisa Comfort, who runs sewing cafes, which is my dream (but unlikely)
  • Pocket apron for all that gardening that is going to need doing very soon
  • vintage cushions
  • cat plush cushion
  • Yo Yo bag

Tutorials this issue include:
  • how to alter princess seams
  • how to make a lace sleeve vest top - I love lace (as I might have mentioned), so I might be having a go at this for some summer tops
  • how to create a computer screen cover
  • how to make your own yoyos
Giveaways this issue include:
  • tickets to the Creative Crafts Show and Knit & stitch show
  • Fabric paint
  • Polymer clay
  • Elna 660EX machine
Sorry this is a bit short this time - I'm rushing to get it written in my lunchtime, and I also have to keep up with the office gossip!  Anyway, I think I have covered everything.  The next issue is out on 14 February and comes with a downloadable GBSB pattern and a simplicity critters pattern.

Happy Crafting!


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