Saturday, 11 January 2014

Meet Doris

Soooo, hello there, 

Just a quick post today to introduce to you my Birthday/Christmas present off my hubby:

Meet my new dress form, Doris!

Now, I know that is not the traditional name for a dress form, but I don't like to be too traditional most of the time, and apparently it is and improvement on my original suggestion of Bruce - one of the nieces has decided that this is in fact her name (it's not - it's Georgia, but never mind) so I had to choose another name, and Doris just seemed  to fit.

She was ordered from Jaycotts on the Saturday and arrived on the Tuesday - marvelous service I thought, but then again, all my orders from Jaycotts arrive pretty quickly and I would recommend them for your sewing needs.  My nieces were at the house when she arrived and, as usual for kids, were more interested in the box.  This is Evie using it as a bed, as she was a bit tired:

Anyway, back to Doris, I felt she was a bit of a rudey dudey with no clothes on whatsoever, so I thought at the very least she would be wearing a bra, so I've given her one of my old ones).

Doris is adjustable, as you can probably see, to me it seems as though she just highlights my weird body shape - lack of hips, fat waist and large boobs - basically a carrot!  I decided not to adjust her bust to my measurement, but rather adjust her to my back measurement and pad the bra out for a more realistic representation of my shape - an idea suggested by my mother-in law, and it seems to be the right thing to do as my large bust size is all front and I actually have a very small back and narrow shoulders (for the rest of my size anyway).  This worked out quite well, because if I had adjusted her to my actual measurement, the bra would never have fastened.

Anyway, I'm just about to use her for the first time to make a Great British Sewing Bee dress, and here she is with the pattern pinned to her to see if any major adjustments need to be made before I cut my fabric:

I imagine the dress will take me a couple of weeks.  I need it finished for a hen do on 31st anyway, so I will blog about it when I have finished it.  I'm very excited because not only am I getting to use Doris, but I will also adding a bit of corsetry (or boning anyway) to a dress for the first time.

Now, I'm off to do a bit of work before I can get started on my dress . . . 

Happy Crafting!


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