Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Review: Papercrafter - Issue 69

Sooo, sorry this is late.  I was going to write this last night, but by the time I had finished being (unusually for me) a domestic goddess, I just wanted to have a bath and go to bed, so I did and thought that I would write this at lunchtime (which I am doing while stuffing my face with the most amazing baking brought in by one of the paralegals, Emma, who is certainly in the wrong job).

This month, I think that the kit seems smaller - there certainly doesn't seem to be as much stuff in it, but maybe there is just less of the stuff I use.  For example, there is a quilling set including strips, tool and templates, which I will probably never use as this has not been a successful past time for me.

There are the usual papers, some card blanks, ribbon and this time there are chipboard letters and a rubber stamp blank on which to carve your own stamp.  Now, if I can be trusted to do this, I may have a go, but me and sharp objects are not usually buxom buddies, as my hands will testify to at the moment.

Soo, what's in the mag.  Let's see shall we:

Paper Showcase has lots Mother's Day and Easter projects, including cards, candy cones, and sweetie baskets.  Ther eis also a garland and a decorated (quilled) frame.

There are more cards in Glam Designs and Best Regards, some of which I like and may have a go at, especially the Superstar card.  In fact, oui, I shall make that one this weekend.  I also like New Home, and may make this one too.

There are also cards in Easter Greetings and Inventive Ideas.  Again, I like the New Home card, but the only person I know moving house in the near future is me.  There are even more cards in Stamping Success

Quilled cards feature in Stunning Showstoppers, and if I could quill some of these would be lovely cards, but I will not achieve the results that are shown in the magazine.  I would however like to have a go at the quilled dog card shown in the Ask The Experts section, as I have a recipient in mind for this card alreadt and there is a step-by-step guide.

Quilling also features in Spring Surprise, which not only has cards, but also a decorative egg and daffodil posy.  There are also some quilled frogs in Froggy Friends. 

The Quilled Masterpiece, which must take some patience but is stunning is a sprint artwork featuring lots of quilled shapes and some of the letters from the kit.

Other projects in the magazine include a recipe file, alphabet post, gift wrap and boxes, envelopes, note paper, petal charms, envelo-baskets and more.

I love the Spring Wreath and am wondering if this is something I could make with the nieces one weekend.  I think it woudl also be easily adaptable for other seasons by simply changing the colours.

Giveaways this issue include:
  • Punch set from Stampin' Up!
  • HP Envy printer
  • bespoke print from Milly's Cottage
  • binding machine
  • Papercut from The Crafty Calf
  • Doodle Duvet
The next issue will be hitting the shops on 28th March with decopague goodies, concertina albums and an envelope maker.

Happy Crafting!


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