Thursday, 13 February 2014

Shoe Clips

Sooooo, this is a little experiment that I did, which turned out OK, and then I tried again, and it turned out better.

As a shoe addict, when I saw some zipper flower shoe clips posted on facebook, I knew that I had to try and make some.  I had a few zips lying around from a bumper back that I had bought and couldn't find a use for the last few, so all I needed to do was get some shoe clip findings.  A quick trip to ebay and a couple of weeks later they arrived from Hing King or somewhere similar, So I set about making.

These were my first attempt:

I followed a quick tutorial over on YouTube for these first ones.  A bit of neatening up is required, but I thought for a first attempt, they weren't too bad, but I also thought that maybe the whole zipper flower idea wasn't for me - too much faffing with a glue gun, and me and products that can burn is not usually the best combination - I'm suprised people let me loose with a sewing machine, let alone a hot glue gun - there's a reason I don't cook.

I then found some scraps of hot lips fabric that were the perfect size to make some mini bows and I thought these would be perfect.  I have already had lots of practice at making bow ties, and these are pretty much the same, just half the size.

These were pretty successful, the only problematic part really being that it was difficult to turn through the fabric tube which forms the centre 'knot' on the bow - a skewer and some patience was the answer to this one.

Less glue was required for these, so I would like to think that I was more successful (having not burned myself).  I also think that these look nicer.  They go really well with my pink shoes, but as they are a bit scuffed, the shows don't look too good close up, so I don't want to take a photo of the clips on the shoes.  I will dig out some other shoes and take some pictures.  I will also bob these in my Etsy shop.

I am going to make some more bows in various designs, and I am thinking up other designs.  As always, I will keep you posted.

Happy Crafting!


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