Friday, 21 February 2014

Treble Clef

Soooo, this is a little project I worked on a couple of weeks ago.  And I really do mean that it is little.

I made this with a friend's birthday in mind (I don't think she reads the blog so the surprise shouldn't be spoiled).  When I was browsing through Etsy to find her a present, I came across a little cross stitch pattern for a treble clef.  As she is a bit of a music-boff, I thought that this would be perfect.

So I bought and downloaded the pattern and then took myself off to the sewing shop the following lunchtime to buy supplies.  I already had some fabric lying around, as the pattern is so small only scraps were needed.  I bought the embroidery floss, some embroidery needles and the little hoop, which is only 4inches across.  How sweet?!

I decided to go with a classic combination of black embroidery on cream cotton, as my friend's flat is mostly cream.

I must admit, as the pattern is so small, there was a bit of swearing and cursing as I tried to keep everything neat and regular, but I think this will be something that comes with practice.

After I had finished the cross-stitch (it took me a couple of days of lunchtimes and evenings), I remembered that I had no idea how to make the back neat.  Luckily, Google and a tutorial somewhere came to the rescue, and I now know how to finish off an embroidery hoop back - I think it looks quite good.

I have decided to put this in my Etsy shop (and I apologise for the picture quality on here - they look better in the shop, I promise.  The cotton is much smoother than it looks on this pics)  I am also going to take up cross-stitch and embroidery as a hobby I think as there are some brilliant patterns available out there, and if they are kept simple, like this, I think they can be quite effective, don't you?

Happy Crafting!


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