Monday, 10 March 2014

Hair Accessories

Soooo, today I would like to share with you some of the goodies I made with my recent 'surprise' box from the lovely Crafty Poodles.  I asked for things to make hair accessories with and I got loads.  I haven't even begun to make my way through using everything, but I have managed to make some bits and pieces when I had a spare couple of hours a weekend or so ago.  I also used up some of the things from my stash.

This first make is all Crafty Poodles products:

Right in the very bottom of the box, so I nearly missed them, were two gorgeous white resin roses.  Now, I could have put these to one side to use on my cards, but inspiration struck and I decided to use them to make some pretty little hair grips. 

These were really easy to make - simply gluing the roses onto some blank bobby pins.  How pretty are they?  I was going to either bob these in my Etsy shop for sale or keep them for myself as they were so pretty, but the minute I put them on facebook, a friend asked if she could have them and I couldn't really refuse her.

I have ordered some more roses and bobby pins, so fingers crossed I will be able to make myself a pair and make a few pairs for selling.

My next make was made entirely from things from my stash, but I was on a roll with the hair accessories idea.

This unusal hair clip is made using a scissors charm which came with an old Crafty Creatives box, a blank barrette from my stash and a glue gun.

I made two of these, but have kept one for myself, just in case anyone doesn't realise that I am crafty and like to sew.  Not sure whether to put the other one in my shop or just keep it and see if it sells at the next craft fair.  Currently, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Finally, in my hair accessories session, I made this hairband. 

Again, this was pretty simple to make.  I used a blank hairband from my Crafty Poodles bos and some of the gorgeous wide gingham ribbon which was also in the box (I also have this ribbon in pink).

I wrapped the band with the ribbon, securing with glue, and then made a giant bow out of the left over ribbon.  I secured this with glue at the top of the hair band.  Again, I'm not sure whether to see this one or keep it for myself - I do have outfits it would go with, but I wonder if I am getting a little too old for such hair accessories.  Hmm . . . decisions decisions.

Anyway, I'm sure once I get over my current sewing bout (lots going on there) I will be making some more hair accessories.

As always, I'll keep you posted.

Happy Crafting!


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