Monday, 24 March 2014

Review: Homemaker

Soooo, sorry for not being around the last few days - I was in hospital for some tests on Wednesday, and even though I only had sedation, I felt rubbish for a few days after.  Feeling back to normal (or as normal as I get) now, so normal service can resume.

This issue hit the shops on Friday and comes with a free Cat cushion set.

Easter is prominent this issue (but I didn't expect it not to be), with table decorations, stamped eggs and birds nests in the first project.

There are also some decopaged easter eggs, which would be a great project to keep the kids busy during the school holidays.  Cost effective too, as they are decoupaged with tissues, rather than expensive decoupage paper.

I am likely to use the instructions for making some tab top curtains for my new house (if I ever get moved).  I think every room will need curtains, so that is a lot of work for Holly.  Not sure whether to just go buy some cheapies for the time being?

Once again, I wish I could knit and crochet (wool mystifies me), as there is a great pompom tea cosy, which I would love to make for my new kitchen and a cute daisy chain, which I'm sure my nieces would love.

The lovely Eric Lanlard has some chocolate fondants with orange and muscat compote.  Oh, I can't wait to get my new oven which will mean I can bake again.  Then there is also a coconut and custard pie with a passion fruit curd and Rosemary Schrager has some profiteroles (my fave) and some doghnuts with raspberry sauce.

Other projects and features include:
  • Wayne Hemingway tells the story of how Red or Dead started
  • jazz up a plain bench with stripes of colour
  • decorate coffee cups with marker pens
  • DIY stencilled tea towl
  • retro stencilled memo boards
  • Julie Dodsworth has some lovely ways to present your easter eggs
  • Naida Redgrave reflects on why her childhood Easters were so special
  • papercut Easter decoration
  • easy-sew seat covers
  • sew a bean bag
  • applique a cushion
  • feature on Emma Block
  • Linda Barker has hints and tips on exposing your floorboards (oo-er).
The next issue is out on 17th April with a free plate art kit.

Happy Crafting!


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