Monday, 17 March 2014

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 58 (April 2014)

Soooo, this hit the shops on Friday and comes with a gorgeous free dress pattern with neckline pleat options, sleeve option and belt options.  This would make a lovely work/formal dress and I'm currently trawling Etsy for some fabric to make myself a work dress.

I am also hunting for some fabric to make the gorgeous double layer silk organza evening skirt, which is a downloadable pattern this issue and I will be making it for myself once I decide which colours.  I'm thinking my signature colours of blue and grey/silver, but maybe I should be more adventurous and I am thinking black/hot pink, although not sure which way round.  May have to wait until payday to buy the fabric though as I want to make it as luxurious as possible with shot silk dupion and silk organza, so it won't be cheap.

There is a Great British Sewing Bee (or as it is known in my family, the Patrick Grant Show) special with contestants from last series telling us where they are now and how the show has affected their lives.

Easter kicks off with a How to Make Your Own Bunny Ears.  I think this could be a good make to do with the kids as no sewing/glue involved, just adhesive felt and a hairband.

Dressmaking SOS! is all about collars this month with a Peter Pan Collar tutorial and a gorgeous Peter Pan collar project.  If I was a collar kinda-gal I would definitely make this for myself it is soooo pretty, but I'm not so I'm having to think of someone who would wear this do I can make it for them.

For an no-baby/child person, I surprised myself by love love loving the little baby set, which has such a cute stripey giraffe toy made using this gorgeous fabric and matching cushion, perfect for a nursery and perfect for a new baby gift.  I know a couple of people pregnant at the moment, but I don't think that either of them are the type to appreciate a handmade gift (more of the designer label kind of people) so I have no-one to make this for.  I might just make it and put it to one side for the next appreciative baby that comes along, which probably won't be long as my friends are all at 'that' age now where babies come along in quick succession.

This issues seems to be a toy special, as there is also Mrs Fox, made from old clothing and scraps, a plush bunny rabbit, and my favourite, which I am going to have to make - a unicorn!  I need to also make one of these for each of my sisters and my nieces as we all had a very surreal conversation about unicorns whilst eating lunch a couple of Saturdays ago.

I love the chicken doorstop and this could be a project for my new house, should the conveyancing ever complete (it feels like it is taking forever).  I'm toying with the idea of getting real chickens in my garden so I can have fresh eggs, so this just reminded me of that.  I already have the names for my chickens (and cockrels if I get them at some point), so I just need to convince the world that chickens are a good idea.  Anyway, I'm snot sure if I am allowed them as their status as 'domestic animals' could be a bit hazy (I figure if I'm not going to eat them then they are domestic) but this is an argument I am saving for later.  In the meantime, I might just have to settle for the chicken doorstop.

Other projects this issue include:
  • fabric vase covers
  • create an Easter bunny
  • Corinne Bradd has an owl quilting block
  • patchwork chair (slightly disappointed that I have already seen this is Homemaker)
  • advice on organising your craft room (mine is organised chaos)
  • applique bird cushions
  • stitched Easter decorations.
The next issue is out on 11th April with a free dress pattern and some great looking projects.

Happy Crafting!


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