Monday, 28 April 2014

Review: Love Sewing - Issue 1

Sooooo, I have been waiting for the debut issue of this magazine for what seems like forever.  It finally hit the shops last week and I have been busy poring over the issue.

I love some of the projects in the magazine, if I was a little disappointed with the free gift - a fat quarter of fabric and Liberty mini-magazine.  I think that this is because I know that this magazine is from the same people who make Simply Cards and Papercraft and they usually have amazing free gifts. 

Anyway, my disappointment was more than made up for by the magazine proper, which has some brilliant projects.

I love love love the free pattern download dress (3/4 sleeves shift dress) and will be making this once I have some spare pennies for some fabric.  I think I will make it up in jersey knit for a summer dress.  I will, of course, need some new shoes to go with it.

This is styled with a gorgeous bow clutch bag, which I might have an attempt at making.  I love the yellow colour they have used in the magazine.  It coordinates with the blue and white stripes of the dress perfectly.

I also know a little girl who would simply adore the rainbow layered skirt (the youngest niece) and if she manages to not get grounded any time in the near future, I will take her shopping for some fabric for it.  In fact, if she will accept various ginghams, I probably have enough fabric to make this.  I think it is something I could whip up in an afternoon, probably with her there with me.  She loves sewing, but I'm not sure yet whether I trust her to use my sewing machine, even with my supervision.

The upcycled penguin bath set is the cutest thing ever, with a toy and a bath wrap both made out of a towel and some face cloths.  I think these could be quite popular if I ever get round to making one.

Other projects and features include:
  • mason jar pincushion
  • patch pouch
  • interview with Tilly Walnes
  • reversible loop scarf
  • slouchy boho tote
  • how to master curtains
  • bag tidy
  • vintage sewing board
  • mini craft wrap (I may have to make this for myself)
  • bib
  • storage boxes
  • napkins
  • patchwork quilt
  • quilted cushion
I love that the magazine has links to free patterns and tutorials (great for us paupers out there).

I also like that there are alteration ideas and advice.  For example, in this issue, there is a 30-minute jeans fix for taking up jeans hems and a skills masterclass on zips.

In addition to the magazine, the Liberty mini-magazine has the following projects:
  • foldaway shopper
  • circles wall hanging
  • Russian dolls
  • pincushion
  • clutch
  • hanging sewing tidy
  • cushion
  • make-up pouch
  • quilt
  • hottie jacket
  • flowers
  • hair scrunchie
Giveaways this issue include:
  • Gather patterns
  • Janome DKS100 sewing machine
  • Stick & Spray adhesive
  • Omnigrid Ultimate rotary cutter starter set
  • Clover double tracing wheel
  • Soak flatter spray
The next issue is out on 5th June and I am very much looking forward to it as it comes with a free pussy-bow blouse pattern and tape measure.

Happy Crafting!


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