Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Petal Skirt

Soooo, this is a skirt I made my friend's little girl, Pippa, who is one, recently.

I used a pattern from Fairytale Pattern Designs.  I had bought it the minute they released it because I thought it was so pretty.

I used some fabrics from my stash.  Only one metre in total was needed, so by using two different fabrics I could use up two half-metres from my stash.

I started cutting out 24 petal shapes in total and the waistband.  As I had cut the waistband from the flowery fabric, I did not have enough of the flowery fabric to cut twelve petals, so I decided to cut 8 from the flowery fabric and 16 from the gingham.  I was going to roll-edge the hems with my new roll-edge sewing machine foot, but after a lot of trying and cursing I gave up.  I will practice with this when I have time, but I do think it is going to require at least an afternoon of practicing.  Instead, I decided to just use really small hems on each petal. 

Once hemmed, I arranged the petals as per the instructions.  I decided to put all gingham on the bottom and then use a two flower-one gingham arrangement on  the top.  Once pinned in place, I then ran the petals through the sewing machine, using a long stitch so that I could gather them.

I then gathered the petals to the length of the waistband and prepared the waistband to the instructions.  I then sewed the two together as per the instructions.

Finally, I threaded the elastic. and closed the gap in the waistband.

Et voila!  One petal skirt. Pippa seemed to like it, as did her mummy (I think).

I enjoyed making this so much (once I got past the rolled-hem hiccup) that I am thinking of doing a little Christmas range of them.  Just waiting to move house, and then I will make a start.  In the meantime, I will take orders if you contact me.

Happy Crafting!


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