Friday, 9 May 2014

Review: Sew Magazine

Sooooo, sorry for the lack of posts just recently.  I have been so busy making that I haven't had much time to blog.  I have loads to share with you when I find time though.

Anyway, I did manage to find a lunchbreak to write up my review of the latest issue of Sew Magazine, although it was the only free lunchtime I got this week.

This issue hits the shops today I believe (I am always a little bit confused as I get my subscription copy earlier in the week) and comes with a free pattern to make a set of little dolls.  I have put this to one side to maybe attempt with my nieces next time they grace my house with their presence.  I love the little berets on a couple of the dolls.  There are four in total - one boy and three girls.

The magazine is rocking a bit of a new look this issue - I'm not sure about it, but I usually take a while to get used to change.

The main feature project is adrape top straight from the new Sewing Bee book.  This is lovely, especially stitched in the gorgeous Liberty prints featured in the fabric, and would look brilliant on the skinny people out there, or those with a smaller chest.  However, I think that this style of top does not suit the larger chested among us - 'tent' springs to mind.  I would though, make this top for the sisters or even the nieces - it looks pretty simple and would be a great project for a beginner.

The Britain's Got Talent feature has lots of little interviews with 'success stories' and has advice on how to get noticed in design.  There are also features on British textile producers, Linton Tweeds, Sanderson, Liberty and William Morris.

I adore the reviersible, hooded, festival wrap.  I am not a festival-goer (I really don't think I could cope with the toilets) but I do go camping now and again (nice sites, good, clean facilities), and this little wrap would be brilliant to pack up for if the nights get chilly, or if it starts to (inevitably) rain.  It looks pretty simple to stitch, so I might have a go if I can find some fabric I like.

I simply have to make the baby's best bloomers.  I don't care that I no longer have any babies small enough around me (the youngest of my friends' kids now being 1), these are a great stash buster (only 50cm of cotton needed) and I am tempted to make some up for my next craft fair, or I'll just have to encourage my friends to have some more babies.

I would also like to make the clutch bag.  I was going to make my sister a bag to match the dress I have just made her (and will share soon), but she says that she already has something that will go, so I'll just have to make the bag for myself.  I love the bow detailing to the front of this bag, and the fact that even though it is a clutch, it's not that small and I could get all my rubbish in easily.  I have a giant purse, which I love and won't give up for anything, but it doesn't always fit in my bag, but it would in this bag!

As I have loads of scraps of oilcloth lying around from various bag projects, I loved the idea of the posy pin.  The scraps usually end up in the nieces' fabric scrap drawer, but I think I might keep them now and make up some of these gorgeous flower pins, which are perfect for beach bags, and could even make an usual hair accessory.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Q&A this month has advice in transferring construction symbols, tackling large embroideries and choosing the right thread
  • Crash course on gathering
  • Interview with Kirsty Hartley
  • Patch pocket tutorial
  • Tilly Walnes (series 1 GBSB) has a tutorial on setting in sleeves
  • Heather Jacks (series 2 GBSB winner) tells us what's next for her and pindog
  • Wendy Gardner has advice on successful measuring
  • Patchwork make-up bag
  • Patriotic needlepoint cushions
  • Lavendar bags
  • Sewing machine patchwork block
  • Print pinboard
  • Bike cushion and card wallet
  • Glasses case
  • Bride-to-be tote
  • Pepe the pug dog toy
  • Weather mobile
  • Basic skills guide
Giveaways this issue include:
  • Needle bundle
  • Dress form
  • Hand cream
  • Husqvarna Opal 680Q sewing machine
I'm already excited for the next issue, which is out on 13th June and comes with a free Simplicity Pattern for a 60s-style dress.  I just need to find out how much fabric I need for that dress now.

Happy Crafting!


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