Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rapid Maxi

Soooo, as promised earlier in the week, this is my other project made using some of my fabric from America - a maxi skirt.

How gorgeous is this fabric?  I think it is Michael Miller.  Everyone loves it.  The photos really don't do it justice.  The colours are so vibrant.

This skirt was very simple to make - a beginner could do it.

I used 1.5 m of 1.1m wide fabric, folded it in half right sides facing.  I think the 1.5m went round my waist and the 1.1m is the length. 

I then sewed it up to a tube, turned over about half an inch at both ends, one for the hem and one for the waist.  In the waist, I didn't sew all the way round, but left a gap to insert some quarter-inch elastic and inserted that. 

Et voila!  One skirt.  I suppose I am very lucky that the length was just right, but it wouldn't take much adjusting.

This took me about an hour inbetween faffing about and getting distracted, so really easy.  I have had compliments on it when I've worn it - with a plain t-shirt/top works well.

The only thing I would maybe change next time is to not sew the seam the whole way down, but maybe leave a split in it to make it easier to walk/stride and climb over the fence to get to the pub instead of walking all the way round.

I have a few cards to share with you next I think.  I'll get them up soon.

Happy Crafting!


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