Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Midnight Butterfly Dress & A Bit of News

Soooo, I am fully aware of my recent uselessness at blogging - I am aware I am useless - I moved into my new 'homeless' state last week (currently living with the in-laws until our new house is ready) and since then I have been both exhausted and suffering from writer's block.  The exhaustion, I know, will be resolved next week when I get my B12 injection, as for the writer's block, fingers crossed the fact that I am sat here writing this now is a good sign.

Anyway, first with my news I think - I am pleased to announced that for the month of July, my petticoats will be stocked in Fabrication, which is in The Light, Leeds.  I am very excited, more so now that I have figured out the logistics of managing to sew when I have nowhere to live - I'm turning my dad's motor home into a studio for the time being.  Anyway, if you do live in the area, please pop in and have a look (hopefully admire) my makes.

Anyway, onto the project I have been meaning to share with you for a while.  This is the dress that I made my older sister for my cousin's wedding, which was last weekend.  It was a lovely weekend - they got married at The Golden Fleece in Thirsk and I would recommend the hotel to anyone.  So much so, that I am trying to convince the hubby that we should go stop there again, even though it is 45 minutes from home (well, it is when you don't get half way, remember you've forgotten the suits and dresses and have to go back - ooops!).

Enough of my rambling, this is the dress (with petticoat, naturally):

This dress is made using the same pattern as the Licquorice Allsorts dress I made for my friend, Carly, last summer, but how different does it look in a different fabric?!

The fabric is Michael Miller - I got it on Etsy from the US, as even with the hefty postage it still worked out cheaper than buying it here, especially as I bought some other fabric at the same time - I made a maxi skirt with that, which I will share later.

The bodice of this needed lining, and I chose to line it with the left over gold satin from the petticoat.  You are supposed to line it with the same fabric as the dress, but I had forgotten to take into account the fact that the pattern only went one way, which meant that more fabric was used cutting out the dress than if the pattern had been reversible (i.e. dots).  Anyway, I think that the satin gave it more of a luxury feel.

I used an invisible zip in the back of the dress, which I am tres tres proud of. 

I had to do a bit of adjusting after the first make, as even though I had used Doris, my sister lost weight, do it needed to be taken in.  Once I'd built up the enthusiasm to do this, it was quite simple really.

Of course, due to the shape and style of the dress, a petticoat was needed.  I made this using some gold satin and gold tulle (both ebay buys - I highly recommend Suzie May on ebay - great service and great for basic materials).  It was a three-layer petticoat as I ran out of tulle at that, although my sister wanted it as puffy as possible.  I also start to run out of room after 3 layers - it starts getting a bit puffy on the sewing machine and knocks things off my desk.

To finish off the outfit, I used a scrap the satin and a freebie pattern from Blue Ginger Doll (I love this pattern designer, as they design for the larger chested amongst us) to make a little headscarf.  Obviously, Doris does not have a head so in thic pic it is a neck scarf, and my sister actually used it as an embellishment on her dress - she tied it in a bow around one of the straps.  It looked really good.

My sister seems to really like the dress and is planning on wearing it to a 60s night we are going to soon (I will be wearing my spotty dress).  She also got loads of compliments on it at the wedding (as did my other sister for her dress) - it's the first time I have really felt proud about making a dress and feel as though I might have a spot of talent.  If I hadn't ended up with migraine and having to go to bed, I might have felt even better :-/

Anyway, I have loads more to share with you, so I'd best get on with it.

Happy Crafting!


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