Friday, 29 August 2014

Midnight Fairies

Soooo, I have been in the new house over three weeks.  I think we are settled now - all boxes are unpacked, and we finally have internet again.  Life without internet was difficult, but I did get some crafting done - I just couldn't blog about it.

Contrary to popular belief, the craft room was not the first room to be unpacked, but it did take me the longest on the Saturday after we had moved.  As soon as it was unpacked and everything in it's place, I started crafting.

This was my first creation:

How gorgeous is this fabric?  This comes from The Little Fabric Bazaar, who is run by the most helpful, lovely lady, who must have the patience of a saint to put up with my constant queries and changing of orders.

I loved this border fabric as soon as I saw it, so I ordered some without even knowing what I was going to make.  It is also much more sparkly than shows up in the photos, so I was very excited when I arrived.

I didn't follow a pattern to make this skirt - I was just making it up as I went along, and I have half written a tutorial so you can make your own too.  I will eventually get it posted, but I seem to have so much to do and nowhere near enough time at the moment, even though now I have probably gained an hour each day from not having to spend so much time travelling to and from work - strange isn't it, I live probably about twice as far away, yet it takes me less than half the time to get to and from work than it used to.

Anyway, I cut the fabric in half lengthways, as it is a double border fabric and then added 8 pleats in this skirt to give it some fullness, and I also attached a waistband.

At the back is my second attempt at a lapped zip, or my version of at least - I think they're getting better.  Ideally, I think an invisible zip would have worked better, but I wanted to use up some the haberdashery stash I already have.  I've made a good start on this and ebayed some of the patterns I never use.  That cleared up a small space.

Anyway, I ordered three metres of this beautiful fabric, and I used just under 2 metres at half width, so I'm hoping there is enough left to make a little skirt for the youngest niece and some shorts for the eldest (she doesn't do skirts!)

I'll let you know how they turn out if I ever get round to them.  I will do eventually, because I'm trying really hard not to buy anymore fabric, but just use up my stash.

Happy Crafting!


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