Sunday, 14 September 2014


Soooooo, here's the reason I have been so quiet lately:

Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy - I'm struggling with the camera on my phone at the moment and I have no idea what the hubby has done with the proper camera since we moved.

I originally bought the pattern for this as my niece asked for a dress for her birthday.  No sooner had a posted the picture of the pattern on facebook than my friend (31) asked me to make one for her.  This has kept me very busy for the last week or so, but I have enjoyed making it.

The biggest problem I had is that my house is now covered in glitter from the fabric I used from the cape, but it is sooo pretty.  The cape does require a lot of fabric for an adult dress, and the fabric can be quite expensive, as everything is that could be remotely Frozen-related at the moment, but the dress would just look wrong without it.  Luckily, I live near a Boyes, which has the most fantastic fabric section, which is where I got this from, and it was much more reasonably priced than I had found the internet to be.

Other than the glitter everywhere, the dress is actually quite simple to make.  The pattern is from McCalls, and I found the instructions clear and easy to follow.

The bodice is lined, or in the case of my dress, double-lined as I basted the sparkly fabric to some extra pieces of lining as it was a bit see-through.  This was a little tricky as I used satin, and it was slippy, but once I had basted the bodice pieces, sewing them together with simple, as the sparkly fabric actually stuck to itself.  I still used pins though, just in case. 

I was apprehensive about sewing the cape fabric, but I used a fine needle and I found it was actually easy to sew with - I don't know why I was so scared of it.

There is a lapped zip in the back, together with a thread and loop button fastening.  The pattern didn't have instructions for making the thread and loop fastening, and I had never done one before, but this tutorial was invaluable and my first attempt was, I think, successful.  I used silver threat to tie in with the dress.  The other option would have been white or blue, but I think silver was the best choice.  

I had a choice of buttons in my stash to complete the fastening, but I decided to go for a mother of pearl button as I just liked the look it gave the dress.

I now have a smaller version to make for my niece (age 7) and another friend has asked me to  make one for her 3-year old daughter.  I'm quite looking forward to making these, as I enjoyed making this one, and they might be a bit easier to handle if they are smaller.  I think I will use invisible zips in these ones, as, not only do I find them easier, I think they will give a better finish to the back of the dress, as the zip area is not covered by the cape, so I think the most invisible finish I can get would be best.  i also have slightly different cape fabric for my niece's, as I couldn't get any more of this fabric, after buying the fabric for the 3-year old's.  My sister is pleased to note that the fabric I have been able to get is not quite as glittery, it is covered in snowflakes though.

I'll let you know how the children's ones go.

Happy Crafting!

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