Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Jingle Bell Rocks

Sooo, I have been truly useless at keeping up with the old blogging recently and I do apologise profusely.  My time just doesn't seem to be my own recent, and when I do have time I seem to have lost the ability to write.

Sooo, a catch up is due, of which I am aware, but I thought I would break myself into it easily with a quick post before my uni tutorial tonight.

This is my new Xmas top:

My sister bought herself a Christmas jumper with bells on (quite literally), and as I refuse to be out-Christmassed, I decided to make myself a jingly Christmas top.

This is just a plain black t-shirt top from Dotty P's (quite fatal that I have a Dotty P's at the end of my road now).  Sew on some sequins to spell out jingle, add a gold bell for the dot on the 'i' and three extra coloured bells (oo-er) underneath the sequins and voila, one Christmas, jingly top.  I win!

I have plans for many more like this, but I might not get round to them this Christmas.  Oh well, never mind, there are only so many days a year you are allowed to wear Christmas clothes anyway.

Right, I have to go do my tutorial now and learn all about Roman mythology.

Hopefully I'll be back later with some more shares.

Happy Crafting!


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