Monday, 26 January 2015

New Work Dress

Soooo, OMG, I started writing this post aaaaages ago, and I have worn this dress loads, but for some reason I never quite got round to fully writing the post (far too busy with Christmas and life in general).

I made this dress using the same pattern as I did for my Strawberry dress last summer, or was it the summer before, I can't remember.  I was thinking of actually ebaying this pattern, after I had struggled with it for the strawberry dress and then not used it, but I decided to give it one last chance.  Plus I had had this fabric for over a year and had intended to use it with this pattern.

The fabric is Michael Miller Dandy Damask, which is actually (I think anyway) a quilting weight cotton, but other than the fact that you have to iron this dress (oh, how I hate ironing) the extra weight does give it a bit more structure.  The fabric also did cause a small heated argument between me and my husband on direction of the pattern.  I won (mostly because I just ignored him) and decided to go with the direction with the flowery bit facing upwards (as shown below).  I thought upside down, as my husband wanted it, made it look like Davey Jones squid-octopus face from Pirates of the Caribbean and that would mean that I could never take the dress seriously.  I do have to say that the fact I got the pattern matching pretty much spot and central on is totally fluke - halfway through cutting I realised the pattern had a definitive pattern which would need to be matched up on the seams and centralised.

This time, I decided to do the straight, square neck, rather than the cross over bust, which is what had caused me so much stress last time.  I found this much, much easier.

I also pretty much ignored the pattern instructions on adding the bodice lining, as they were just so confusing, and did it the way I have done it on many dresses before, and it worked perfectly.  I think I probably did end up doing it the way the pattern said, but they need to put their instructions in English, not gobbledygook.

One final thing - check out my amazing invisible zip insertion - so happy that I seem to have mastered this now.

Anyway, I've decided to keep  this pattern, and with a few small fitting alterations, I think it will be perfect, as I have been complimented on it a couple of  times.  Undecided about whether to use it for one of my holiday dresses, but I think if I find the right fabric I will.

Happy Crafting!


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