Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dress In A Day

Sooo, today I would like to share with you something of a triumph - I made a full dress, from cutting out to final press, in just one day!  And I think it is my new favourite dress.  Meet the cherry ruby:

I made this from some gorgeous Michael Miller cotton, which I had actually bought to make some trousers (something I have yet to do), but decided that it would actually make a better dress.  I think I am sightly very nervous about making said trousers, so look for any excuse to make a dress instead.  In this instance, the cherries were just too bug for trousers.

Anywho, the pattern I used was the Simple Sew Ruby dress, which I have made before (here), so it probably helped that I already knew where pattern alterations were required.  On this dress, I needed to lengthen the bodice by about an inch and take smaller waist darts, which is exactly what I did. 

The fact that I had made this dress before also helped the fact that the instructions with the pattern aren't brilliant, and it doesn't tell you what length zip you need (I measured the zip in the Clara dress to figure this one out - 16inches it turns out).  For a seasoned sewer, this isn't an issue, but this pattern is supposed to be for beginners so they could struggle a bit or get a less than perfect finish.  I did actually speak to the peeps who make this pattern a couple of weeks ago (for Haberdasherholic purposes) and they told me that they are very aware of these issues with some of their patterns are they are hopefully getting ironed out now.   If they do get them ironed out then I might stock these patterns because they are otherwise good little patterns - I've used a few now and have another waiting for the right fabric to come along.
Excuse the dodgy pictures -
there is something going on with my camera and I can't figure out what.
The horizontal stretchy lines are not there on the actual dress, I assure you.

I was going to hand stitch the hem for a perfect finish, but decided I wanted to get this dress finished, and that would add at least two days onto my make time (a circle skirt will do that to a girl), so I ran the hem around the machine.  By this point I was feeling rushed, as hubby wanted to take me out for tea, so I messed it up a little and didn't catch the whole hem (I used a very narrow hem so I didn't lose too much length), so I ran it round again and it now somewhat resembles a twin stitched hem (although very wibbly wobbly in places).  Sooo, the only hand stitching required was to sew down the facing on the inside.

I surprised myself that I got this done in a day as I was very good (again) and did everything proper-like - interfacing where it was required, tailors tacks, finishing seams . . . everything!  So, just goes to prove, it doesn't take as much time as I  thought and it might actually save me time (definitely stress), so I will do things properly from now on.  You never know, I might be making toiles next, although I wouldn't get too carried away . . . 

Anyway, I love this dress, as it is such a simple yet flattering shape, and I love the v-back detailing.  It is also easy to make up (once you know how) and I wore it for our dress down day at work a few days after finishing and got lots of compliments.  The only slight change I would make is to maybe lengthen the skirt a little and remember that the slightest gust of wind can result in doing a Marilyn.

Anyway, I have just finished another (much smaller project), which I will share with you shortly, and I have two more projects on the go, but in the meantime . . . .

Happy Crafting!


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