Sunday, 5 April 2015

L'il Kim

Sooo, today I would like to share with you a dress I finished last week.  This is my first incarnation of By Hand London's Kim dress.  This is a dress I fully intend to stock in my new Haberdasherholic shop.

I was slightly worried about making up a princess seam dress, as I have not have too much luck with them in the past, but this was a breeze to sew up.  The pattern has a full skirt option, and a sweetheart neckline option, in addition to the variation I decided to sew.  I chose this one because I like a square neckline, the wrapover skirt and the extra little pleated detail at the waistband.

The fabric was a freebie I got when I subscribed to Sew Magazine - 2 metres of this ditzy floral.  I just needed a zip and some lining, for which I used some lemon yellow cotton lawn.  I admit, I was unsure of the fabric at first, but I really wanted to make up this dress, but by the time I had finished, it had really grown on me.

I cut a size 18 from the pattern paper.  The only adjustment I made was to add 1 inch to the bodice length, as I have learned that despite the fact I could probably be classed as a gnome due to my height, my whole lack of height is due to my incredibly short legs, and I actually have quite a long body, so if I wanted the waist to sit on my actual waist (or lack thereof), I needed to lengthen the bodice.  The fit is pretty much perfect!

I decided to tackle this project properly, so I basted where was needed, pressed all seams and I was going along and even used tailors tacks - all practically unheard of in a Holly sewing project.  However, I now think that I am a total convert and shall be using these on all future projects.  I just need to get myself a tailor's ham now to make pressing the princess seams easier.

The instructions which came with the pattern were so clear and easy to follow (unlike another dress I have made, which I will share with you shortly) and the actual sewing of the dress didn't take too long.  What did take forever was the handsewing.  I decided to hand sew the the lining down, and the hand sew the hem of the skirt, which altogether took about five hours!!!!  I'm not the fastest of handsewers, and it would probably have taken someone else a lot less time.  Of course, the pattern doesn't call for it to be handsewn, I just decided that I thought it would look nicer.  I just didn't realise how much hem there actually was, with the curve and everything!

Anyway, I love this dress so much, I am waiting patiently for a sunny warm day on which I could wear it, and I already have plans for many other variations, and have fabric for one already!

Happy Crafting!


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