Monday, 25 May 2015


Soooo, today I would like to share with you what turned out to be a fairly quick make, once I found the instructions and made up the pattern:

Outer side 1
This is the Portable Playmat from the Feb 2015 issue of Sew, which I have been meaning to make since I first read the February issue.  I even went and bought all the ingredients, but then life kind of took over.  However, now I am hoping that with my dissertation out of the way I might actually get on with some of my planned projects, and first up was this mat.

At the time of writing I have only made the one, but I intend to make some more - one for each of my colleague's son's and one for my friend's nephew - I think that makes 4 in total that I need to make, but as the first one was such a surprisingly quick make, I don't think they should take me too long, and I could do it kind of production-line-y - you know, do all the cutting out, then do one bit on all and so on and so forth.

Outer side 2

Anyway, as I said, I had had the vinyl needed for the outer for months, and I even went and bought fabric 'specially for the inside rather than use us scraps from my stash, which I would normally do.  It is only a cheapish polycotton, but I wanted them all to match then there could be no arguing amongst the mothers!!

I downloaded the template from the Sew Mag website a while ago, but as it was  to a really small scale, I decided to draw out the template to actual size - cue me sellotaping 4 sheets of A3 together to get something big enough, and then I did it wrong first time, but it is not a Holly-project unless at least three things need re-doing!

Inner when made up as bag
Anyway, once I had my template all ready to go, it was simply a case of cutting out and finding the instructions and I would be ready to start sewing.  I had stupidly thought that I would be able to find the instructions on the Sew Mag website, as I have done for previous projects but nope!!  They may well be there, and I was just looking in the wrong sections and/or searching the wrong key words, but I couldn't find them.  Soooo, I had to resort to rooting through my old magazines.  I eventually found them in  the February issue, so I could get on with the sewing.

I did the sewing in bits over a few days, but the bag was fairly easy to put together and probably, in total, took less than an hour.  It is really just a case of adding bias binding to the edges in the right order.  I think the hardest part was turning the handles the right way out.

Opened out as play mat
So, I had it all sewn together and just needed to add the KAM-snaps.  I think these are the reason I had put off doing these for so long - it is the first time I have used KAM-snaps and I was nervous about doing so.  I had no need to be nervous.  I had purchased a starter-kit from The Little Fabric Bazaar last summer and found a tutorial on YouTube to show me how to use them, and how easy they turned out to be.  I will definitely be using them for other things from now on!!!!  Other than adding five of them on the wrong way round to start with that is - they were fixed fine, but the bag wouldn't have closed the right way round . . . oops!  AND they take some getting off!  Removing the ones I had put on definitely took the longest time out of everything.  Anyway, once I had got the hang of it, the rest was easy.

I now just have three more to make, but I think I have enough fabric for plenty more - I just need more binding and KAM-snaps.

Back side of mat
I am also thinking in different fabrics, these would be great changing mat-bags.  What do you think?  With the recent speight of pregnancy announcements amongst peeps I know it might be a good idea.

Anyway, off now to go do some shopping with my mother - first time we have spent any time together in aaaaaaaggges, so it could be interesting.

I have more makes to share and will do that soon.

Happy Crafting!


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