Sunday, 14 June 2015

Shake Ya Shimmy Shimmy

To the left to the right shake that thing with all your might . . . .

Soooooo, a quick post today to share with you my new shimmy (or chemise to the mere mortals of you out there).

Please excuse the bra peaking out - I couldn't be bothered to undress
Doris and leave her nunga-nungas exposed

This was a relatively quick make and used up some left over fabric from the Kimono I made the actual mother for mother's day (although I do still have some left - maybe enough for some PJ shorts of some knickers).

I thought a nice chemise would make a nice change from my usual PJ bottoms and vest top, and might in fact be a cooler alternative for when I am on my jolly holidays, where I hope it will be 30+ degrees during the day, so quite warm of an evening.  So, when I saw my new McCalls 6696 shirt dress pattern (dress in progress as I type) also had a slip pattern with it, I thought this was clearly fate.  

I knew I had a spare saturday afternoon coming up due to the fact that the weather was supposed to be rubbish and I didn't actually want to arrange anything (a free weekend is a rare thing for me), and I decided rather than try to get my head round one big project (because that just isn't happening at the moment), I would do some quick projects.  In the end I only did one project, which was this, and it wasn't as quick as I thought, but still done from start to finish in under two hours.  The rest of my Saturday was spent catching up on Anzac girls and eBaying my shizzle (craft clear out) - still loads there and more to be listed.  Everything can be found here.

Anyway. everything needs to be cut on the bias, which was not a problem, and there are only four pattern pieces that need to be cut - front, back and two straps, so that was pretty quick.

Due to the lovely fabric. I decided to french seam my side seams, and although a bit more time consuming this wasn't really a problem - I do like to use french seams whenever I am making something like this.

its a wibbly-wobbly-
timey-wimey neckline
The problem came when it came to hemming the top line.  This was so fiddly.  I followed the pattern instructions of turning under twice, but the shape of the top and the slipperiness of the fabric was not conducive to this going well.  I persevered, but the result is a bit of a wobbly hem.  Next time I think I will omit doing this and the straps, and instead use some bias strips to face the top line and create the straps.

Anyway, all that was left to do after that was hem the bottom and make and attach the spaghetti straps, which was relatively straight forward.

Upon the trying on, the back is a bit gapey, but as this is just something to be worn to sleep in I'm not going to bother with it too much.  Next time though, I will cut the back piece a size smaller than the front, or at least grade the down a size at the top,
its a strap!
so easy to turn through
with my loop turner

So that's it.  I like this pattern because:
  1. it is quick to make
  2. it is relatively simple
  3. it is a good stash buster
  4. you can never have too many nighties/things to sleep in
What I would change for next time:
  1. use bias strips to face the neckline and create the straps
  2. cut the back piece a size smaller or grade it down a size at the top.
Anyway, I have cut out the pattern tissue for the shirt dress and I have washed and pressed the fabric.  I just need to bite the bullet and get on with the making.  I think this could be a long project though, and I have a few quick projects I want to do, so I may do them first, I may not, we shall see.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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