Sunday, 2 August 2015

Groove Is In The Heart . . .

Soooo, one feels that you can't beat a spot of Dee-Lite to sing along to, and my new skirt has inspired that song in my head, even if I only know one line to sing . . . . never mind.

So anyway, this is my new skirt, which I made using some geee-ooorgeous fabric I bought from Helmsley Market on a trip up there a couple of months ago.  I wanted to buy enough to make a dress or Holly Jumpsuit, but it was the end of the bolt and there was just over two metres left.  I took it anyway, because I knew I would figure out what to do with it eventually.

I went through many many options in my head when last month's Sew Mag came through the door with a new pattern - Simplicity K1418, which is in actually fact a lovely dress which would have looked AWESOME in this fabric, but I didn't have enough *sad face*

BUT I really liked the lines of the skirt, particularly the pleats, so I decided to do a teeeny tiny bit of pattern hacking and just make the skirt, which was oh so easy *happy face*

this fabric is so lovely
the pleats nearly blend
in seamlessly
So, basically, to make the skirt, I cut out the skirt pieces for the dress.  I cut off about 3 inches from the length as I wanted a shorter skirt.  I then drafted a waistband by putting in the pleats and then drawing the line created for the waistline.  I made the waistband 4 inches, applied interfacing and folded this in half, pressing the fold.  This skirt didn't take up too much fabric so I could kind of pattern match my waistband.  And by this, I mean that I lined up the pattern, as I couldn't get my head around actual pattern matching on such a busy pattern and then there were the pleats . . .

lined up pattern,
but not perfect pattern
Construction was pretty simple - I basted in the pleats after pressing them to about half way down the skirt.  I then attached the waistband and inserted my invisible zip down one side seam. And my invisible zip is so pretty, despite the fact I realised about half way through sewing that I had forgotten to iron the teeth out a little.  I didn't quite manage to get the seams lined up but I will get there.

My pics have been taken on Doris (please excuse her lack of top) as I have barely seen hubby recently to get him to take some photos of me in it - either I've been out or he has been out.

check out my invisible
zip insertion (ooo-eer)
Anyway, I really want to make up the actual dress, do this has been added to my very long list of projects, and I am tempted to make up some more of the skirts, as they are easy and a good shape.  I also have a bit of my luuurvely fabric left over, so a dress for Pippapotomous may be in order.

In the meantime, I am now on to other sewing projects, and I will no doubt blog about them soon. 

Happy Crafting!


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