Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Lesson

Soooo, a few weeks ago, I taught my first sewing class.  I say class, it was in actual fact my friend and her sister, but they are the first grown ups I have taught.

It all came about from my Flamingoes skirt and my friend's sister, Lucy, asking if I would make her one.  I calmly explained how much I hate sewing for other people, but tagged onto the end of my rant about how annoying I find other people 'but I'll teach you to make your own if you want'.  She took me up on this offer, but didn't want to do it all on her lonesome so talked my friend, Katy into doing the class with her.

We decided that the class should be held at Katy's as she has the most room and a mahoosive dining table, which is perfect for two people to sew on at the same time.  I also borrowed my mother-in-law's sewing machine - never again.  I forget to pick up the instructions after they fell out of the box (and I didn't notice) and weeks later, I still haven't heard the end of it!  It's not worth the hassle - I'll save up and buy another sewing machine next time.

Anyway, I instructed the girlies to buy their own fabric and pointed Lucy in the direction of eBay for the flamingoes fabric, as that is where I got mine from.  I still think I need some more of that fabric (I'm thinking holiday shorts).  I think Katy got her fabric from The Shuttle in Shipley - great bargains to be had, but it does feel a lot like a jumble sale in there sometimes, but as long as you are willing to search through everything you can find some gorgeous fabrics.

So, other than  totally underestimating the amount of time we would need to make the skirt, everything went pretty smoothly.  Both Katy and Lucy got the hang of the sewing machine easily.  I was really really impressed with Lucy, who I don't think had ever sewn anything  or used a sewing machine before - she took to it like a duck to water and was quite the perfectionist - much more than I am anyway.  I don't think we had any major mishaps at all.  Lucy even did her own buttonholes, which Katy chickened out of doing and I did them for her, but I don't mind - they can be daunting.

I don't care that it took longer than I thought it would, it just meant that I got to spend more time with my friend, who I don't see enough at all!

Anyway, here are the finished products:

Katy's skirt (which I stole from her Instagram account - follow her, she has loads of vegan food "delights")

And Lucy's skirt:

Not bad for a total beginner eh?

Katy had some fabric left over so I offered to take it and make up another Pippa dress for her daughter:

I got the cutest video thank you from Pippa - you'd never believe she is the terror her mother makes her out to be ;-p

After I had done that, there was a bit of fabric left over, which I used to make another Bertie hat for her son, Jake, who kindly modelled for me:

Anyway, I believe we have another lesson coming up when Lucy returns from her internship in Geneva (lucky cow) and I think it might be the Ruby dress.

In the meantime, I am working on some projects of my own and am about to get very very busy as I have just agreed to help out with the costumes for Addingham Panto.  I  thought I was volunteering to help out with some sewing - turns out I'm pretty much in charge of the costumes, so now I am terrified as hell that a) I might have bitten off more than I can shew and b) I am going to totally mess us.  A) is possibly solveable - I will just have to scale back all the rest of the crap that I do, although I do have an assignment due in half way through the actual panto run (as well, as one due while I am n holiday) so I'm going to have to work superhard to be ahead I think on college work.  This might just mean that I have to go into hibernation and not see anyone for a few weeks.  In fact, I might block out my diary now to stop myself putting stuff in there.  I might also be taking my uni books and some sewing on holiday, but never mind eh?  On the positive, I might have some awesomely gaudy costume projects to share with you . . .

So anyway, as usual I am going off topic and I really need to get on with some sewing . . .

Happy Crafting!


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