Sunday, 11 October 2015

Up Above The Streets and Houses, Rainbows Flying High

Sooooo, I have finally got around to making a dress that has been in my head forever.  I have had the fabric for a while too, but I kept getting distracted and making other things instead.

This is my Rainbow Girl's Dress:

As I said, I have had this idea in my head for a while.  I probably saw something similar somewhere and then it just wouldn't leave me head.  I'm not sure where I saw the similar though . . . it will forever remain a mystery, particularly as my brain has most certainly not been up to scratch for a while.

This is the dress that got me back into my sewing room after my little (large) recent dip in enthusiasm for sewing/doing/life, and I spent a day working on it, just taking it slow and enjoying being back at my machine again.

It is a fairly simple dress, based on the what-should-now-be-famous Pippa dress, previous incarnations of which are all over my blog and can be found here here here and here, with a couple more to be blogged (when I think up suitable names for the posts) and some more ideas in the pipeline.

I used some blue cotton drill for the shell and lined with red satin.  I love the colour combination of red and blue, don't know why, just do.  This may be obvious with recent makes, such as my sailor shirt dress.

Anyway, so yes, as I have made so many of these recently, the basic construction was pretty straight forward and you don't really need to know about that.

What you do need to know about is the awesomeness that is the rainbow, clouds and raindrops on the front . . .

I knew that I was going to applique these - something always told me that I would.  And I knew that these would not be made from plain fabric, but from spotty fabric, especially when I saw the white on white dotty fabric at Little Fabric Bazaar, from where I got all my spotty cottons for this make.

Soooo, to make . . . I drew my rainbow, clouds and raindrops on some scraps of Burda tissue paper for my templates and then cut these out.  I kept the rainbow whole for the time being.  I then bondawebbed all my different spotty fabrics and the cut out the shapes.  I decided to cut out a full cohort of rainbow in each colour, then I would have enough to make some more of these dresses.

I then attached each piece to the dress.  However, I decided that the clouds should be fluffy if possible, so before ironing them onto the front piece of the dress, I stuffed them with a bit of toy filling, just to give them a 3-d effect (I've just finished another 3-d dress before I wrote this post, so maybe this is my new 'thing'.

Its so FLUFFY!
After ironing them all on, I then used a teeny-tiny zig zag stitch in a co-ordinating colour on each piece to finish the applique.  Top Tip for y'all:  If you don't have an embroidery/applique foot, I found that my buttonholing foot made the applique process a lot easier - no catching.  I just had to stop and move it back to the original position every now and again so I could see what I was doing.

Finally, to finish the dress, I buttonholed in blue (I seem  to have finally got this button-holing sorted - no issues this time) and used some red spotty buttons from my stash.  I think I did buy these specifically for this dress, but it was so long ago I can't remember.

This dress is now in the Folksy shop and I have enough fabric to make one more.  I also have loads more applique design ideas which I hope to get on with in the future, including some cute woodland animals, some balloons, a space-themed dress and loads more.  I could also do with getting on with making some things for me! 

As always, I'll keep you updated.

Happy Crafting!


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