Sunday, 18 October 2015

Venus in Blue Jeans

Ooooor, rather, Venus cutting up blue jeans . . .

Soooo, in this instance, I would be Venus, and I would be cutting up a pair of blue jeans that I got sick of falling down all the time.  Yes, I could have donated them to my sister, who is better endowed in the hip area that I, but I decided to cut them up instead.  It was actually quite cathartic.  

So, what did I do with my jeans I hear you ask . . . 

I made them into a Gather Tallis collar of course . . . duh!  I have made this a couple of times previously:  here and here.

To do this, I basically cut both legs off the jeans (the top part may or may not have a use yet - think Panto Dame in hot pants peeps . . . a request from the Director no less . . . or maybe don't think that if you are having your brekkie) and then cut up the inside seam of each leg.  I then laid the pattern pieces to see how they would work best.

I decided that for the back pattern piece, which is cut on the fold, I would like to use the outside, flat felled, seam of the jeans, so this is what I did.  I then cut out the front pieces from a 'plain' part of the denim.  I managed to get two back and two sets of front pieces from each leg.

I didn't relish the thought of sewing through two flat felled seams if I made the whole collar denim, so I decided to use a different fabric for the underside of the collar.  I also thought this could make the collar reversible, and whoever wore it could get two looks in one . . . genius eh?!  I decided to use a scrap of fabric from my recent groovy skirt, mostly because this was lying around on my desk still, so was in sight.

I took inspiration from the gold in that fabric to use some gold satin ribbon for the tie closure.

Construction was then pretty simple and straight forward.  I decided to top stitch in a golden colour to make the denim side more jeansy, and it blended well with the print side.

I have put this in the Folksy shop, as it matches a dress I have in there too, which I have not yet blogged about, but will do so.

I have four more denim side collars cut out, just waiting for the right fabric to come along . . . ultimate upcycling going on here.  I will no doubt blog them when I have made them.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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