Monday, 26 January 2015

New Work Dress

Soooo, OMG, I started writing this post aaaaages ago, and I have worn this dress loads, but for some reason I never quite got round to fully writing the post (far too busy with Christmas and life in general).

I made this dress using the same pattern as I did for my Strawberry dress last summer, or was it the summer before, I can't remember.  I was thinking of actually ebaying this pattern, after I had struggled with it for the strawberry dress and then not used it, but I decided to give it one last chance.  Plus I had had this fabric for over a year and had intended to use it with this pattern.

The fabric is Michael Miller Dandy Damask, which is actually (I think anyway) a quilting weight cotton, but other than the fact that you have to iron this dress (oh, how I hate ironing) the extra weight does give it a bit more structure.  The fabric also did cause a small heated argument between me and my husband on direction of the pattern.  I won (mostly because I just ignored him) and decided to go with the direction with the flowery bit facing upwards (as shown below).  I thought upside down, as my husband wanted it, made it look like Davey Jones squid-octopus face from Pirates of the Caribbean and that would mean that I could never take the dress seriously.  I do have to say that the fact I got the pattern matching pretty much spot and central on is totally fluke - halfway through cutting I realised the pattern had a definitive pattern which would need to be matched up on the seams and centralised.

This time, I decided to do the straight, square neck, rather than the cross over bust, which is what had caused me so much stress last time.  I found this much, much easier.

I also pretty much ignored the pattern instructions on adding the bodice lining, as they were just so confusing, and did it the way I have done it on many dresses before, and it worked perfectly.  I think I probably did end up doing it the way the pattern said, but they need to put their instructions in English, not gobbledygook.

One final thing - check out my amazing invisible zip insertion - so happy that I seem to have mastered this now.

Anyway, I've decided to keep  this pattern, and with a few small fitting alterations, I think it will be perfect, as I have been complimented on it a couple of  times.  Undecided about whether to use it for one of my holiday dresses, but I think if I find the right fabric I will.

Happy Crafting!


Saturday, 24 January 2015


Soooo, this is card I made some time ago and just haven't got round to blogging about (I'm slowly catching up!).

This was an order from a friend for his goddaughter, Abigail.  All I knew was that she had blonde hair, but I think I can always rely on my trusty LOTV art pads to provide an image that everyone will love.

I decided not to cut down the image panel, as to no do so meant that I could add Abigail's name to the image, as well as stamp 'goddaughter'.  Not cutting down the image meant that I needed to use a large 8x8 card, but I don't mind that. I like using them for special cards - you can get some much detail and embellishments on the,.  I also added some stickles glitter to the fairy's wings and skirt, although it doesn't seem to show up too well in these photos.

I used pink sparkly letters for the name and age, and as I had used so much pink, I realised that pink would be needed in the backing paper, bit also with a contrast colour to distract from the pink.  Step up, LOTV perfect pair.  I just knew that this patchwork paper would be perfect.  I took the rest of my embellishment colours from this.  

I used some bright green ribbon and topped this with some pink spotty ribbon and wrapped this around the paper.  I the added a bow made from the left over pink spotty ribbon.  I added pink or green gems where I could and to finish I stuck a happy birthday sentiment to some pink card and added this to the card. 

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Fly Away

Sooooo, after watching Top Gun (for the umpeenth time - I don't even object to the fact that this film has Tom Cruise in it, nor that he rides a motorbike without a helmet - stupid boy!), I remembered that I had this little LOTV stamp, and I was on a bit of a cardmaking spree, so the two naturally collided into a card. 

I stamped this little dude with blank memento ink and then coloured him up with promarkers (although I am still preferring my distress inks :-/).  I knew I was going to make this into a card for a boy, so I used lots of bright colours.

I had coloured in mind with using some LOTV paper for the card, but then when I was searching through my papers box, I came across some docraft papers.  They are supposedly Christmas papers, but there is not a Christmas icon on any of them, so they make perfect boy papers.

I used some spotty and some stripey with the same colourways as I love spots and stripes together, put one at my standard jaunty angle and fixed it all to some red card.

To finish, I stamped an LOTV sentiment onto some red card and fixed it in some white space on the card.

Et voila!

I would like  to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Sparkle Fairy

Soooo, I know where I now know where I am going on my holiday in December - I'm going to St Lucia!!  Soooooooooo excited.  Now I need to plan my wardrobe.  I counted the number of dresses in my wardrobe I could take with me and the grand total is 3!  So, as I am going for ten nights, I need another 7 dresses at least.  I also need shorts and tops for during the day, so it is going to be a very busy making year so I'd best get on with it . . .

First up though, I have a card I made last weekend to share with you:

I coloured up this LOTV image a while back with my Inktense pencils, which I really need to use more and get some practice in, especially as this isn't the neatest colouring, but practice makes perfect.

I then edged the panel with silver ink and layered it onto some purple glitter paper and then silver glitter paper.

I wrapped the panel with some silver twine and stamped some LOTV tag sentiments in purple, attaching these to the card, then topping with a purple button from my stash.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Little Mermaid

Sooooo, our holiday is booked for December 2015.  Only problem is, my husband won't tell me where we're going.  How am I supposed to make myself a fabulous holiday wardrobe if I don't know where I'm going I ask?!!!??!?!??  He NEEDS to tell me.  I hate not knowing things, which means I hate surprises, and he know this, so he deliberately doesn't tell me things just to annoy me,  Then, to top it off, because he wanted  to play on his Xbox/PS3 when he got back from the travel agents, I got kicked upstairs into my craft room . . .  grrrrrr.  

Benefit of being in my craft room - I made a few cards and it is one of those I will share with you now:

I stamped and coloured up this LOTV mermaid a couple of weeks back, but hadn't turned it into a card.

This little lady is stamped in black memento and coloured with promarkers.  I think I am still preferring my distress inks, but I do get the old promarkers out every now and again.  After all, it's where I started!  To finish the image, I added a little bit of glitter to her wings (should mermaids have wings? are they in fact supposed to be something else?).

Anyway, I decided this afternoon to make this into a card.

I used a 5x5 card again and used papers all from an LOTV paper pack, with some pink card as a base.  

I added some extra detail to the image panel.  I added some faux stitching (which went a little wrong) and I stamped an LOTV label using my new rose memento ink.  I then added a little pale green flat backed pearl.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pink Elephant

Sooooo, before I get on with some sewing today - a quick new work skirt me thinks - I just want to share with you this card I made last weekend (or was it the weekend before?!) with one of my new LOTV stamps.  

How adorable is this baby elephant?!  It is one of the new releases and I just knew that I had to have it.

Anyway, this little dude(tte) is stamped with black ink and then coloured with distress inks.  I then stamped a 'new baby' sentiment in the top left hand corner and added pink faux stitching around the edge of the panel.

The backing paper is from an LOTV pad, but I forget which, and the pink card is from my stash.  I then mounted it all onto a 5x5 card, which I am still using muchly and LOVE.

To finish the card, I stamped an LOTV 'so cute' label with blank ink, added a little silver feet charm, which you can just see peepin and a pink bow from my stash.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

I also made a boy version of this card which I will share with you eventually, but I'd best get on with some sewing, which I had planned to do yesterday, but in all honesty I barely moved from the sofa . . .  oops!  And my coffee has gone cold, so I'd best remedy that.

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Afternoon Nap

Soooo, I have a spare few minutes before I have to make tea and thought I would share with you one of my weekend makes:

This is another little 5x5 card made using one of my new LOTV stamps, which I coloured using distress inks.  I thought I was getting the hang of colouring skin, but then I gave this poor little man sunburn on one of his legs.  Oh, well, that will teach him to fall asleep in the sun - at least he covered his head though.

Anyway, I love this image and always like to give it a vintagey feel, so I kept my colours as muted as I could with the options I had in my stash.

I added some faux stitching to the image panel with a brown fineliner.  I then layered this onto some paper from the LOTV country gent paper pad, to which I also added some faux stitching.  I backed this with some kraft card and then to finish, I stamped an LOTV tag in brown ink and added a bow made from some blue baker's twine.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Fairy

Sooooo, a quick share this morning.  This is a card I started last night and finished when I finally got my backside out of bed this morning (and that was NOT early . . . oops!):

I stamped and coloured up this image last night.  I seem to be having a bit of a cardmaking weekend, which I am glad of, as I have been fearing for the permanent loss of my mojo recently, but maybe it was the stress of Christmas and just being too busy.  Instead, this weekend, I have been sat in my craft room instead of finishing off my essay.  Oops!  Never mind, I will get it finished this week.  The plan is there, I just need to make it into English, instead of gibberish.

Anywho, as I said, I stamped this LOTV image last night.  It is a newbie, which I allowed myself to buy just before xmas (I haven't had the making mojo, but the buying mojo has been just fine!).  I coloured this little lady up with distress inks (some of which are new too) and I'm pleased to say I seem to finally have the skin colouring down.  The hair leaves a bit to be desired, but I think what I need to solve that is more colours!  I also used a wash of a memento ink for the grass, but I don't usually colour with memento inks.

I added glitter to the wings and the star wand, as well as the flowers on the headdress and a little bit on the skirt, because you can never be too sparkly (even at the grand old age of 29 I like to sparkle wherever I go).  Because I'd decided to add stickles at this stage, I thought I'd best let it dry overnight and instead I got on with colouring some other images, which I will share with you later (eventually!).

So when I finally got up this morning (at 10.30 - I never used to be a sleeper in, but I seem to be good at it lately), hubby made me a cup of coffee (read my mind) and I ventured into my craft room to proceed with some crafting.  The first thing I did was finish off this card.  

I am loving my 5x5 cards at the moment - I think they just look so sweet and cute, so I used one of those.  I then added the sentiment, which is an LOTV one, and I stamped it with peacock feathers distress ink, which I had used on the image.

I layered the image onto some navy card (my fave colour) and then used a scrap of LOTV spotty paper (at a jaunty angle, naturally) and some LOTV checked paper, which I also layered onto navy card.  I think the pink in the final paper just breaks up the blue, but I love blue.  It also tied in nicely with entering the new Cupcake Inspirations challenge.

To finish, I added two small blue gems in the bottom right-hand corner.

I would like to enter this into the following challenges:

I have made loads more this weekend, which I need to share with you, and I promise I will get round to it eventually, but first I have thank you cards to write and tomorrow's stew to make.

Happy Crafting!


cupcake inspirations, photo inspiration

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Evie Fabulous

Soooo, this is an older make - I actually made this for my niece Evie's birthday back in November.

It was a last minute make as I was going through my rubbish at making cards stage due to lack of inspiration and (probably) too much sewing to do - she got an Elsa dress for her birthday from me.

I used an LOTV art pad image, as I thought this one looked like Evie, which I layered onto purple card.  I also used an LOTV 'fabulous' sentiment, which I had stamped a while ago in dusty concord distress ink.  I also layered this onto purple card.  I backed the two panels with some gauze (which I thought went well with the spider-web in the image) and then some pink spotty paper.  I wrapped a bit of pink baker's twine around the top left-hand and bottom right-hand corners of the card.  I added various colours and shapes of buttons on each corner of the card and two corners of the image panel.  

I die-cut Evie's name from some card and attached this above the image panel.  I used a flat-backed pearl as the dot on the eye.  I also used flat-backed pearls on the corners of the fabulous panel.  I also made a little bow from some pink ribbon and added this at the end of the name.

To finish the card, I made a little bouquet from some pink roses from my stash, a swirly thing from The Ribbon Girl, some leaf pins and pearl pins, also from The Ribbon Girl, all tied with a ribbon.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Happy Crafting!


Thank You Butterflies

Sooooo, I've had a bit of a creative day today and, despite the fact that I have loads to share with you that I made before Christmas, I thought I would instead share one of today's makes.

I know that I am supposed to be using up my very extensive stash, but my friend, Helen, is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and this means that I can't help treating myself every now and again (read:  pretty much all the time).  In fact, she dropped some goodies off for me yesterday, so a quiet day in today (hubby at work, sister in bed dying of a cold) meant that I fully intended to use the the time to hole myself up in my craft room and do some creating.  I should really be finishing off the last 250 words I have to write on my latest assignment - the use of mythology by the Roman Emperors - but I didn't want to.  I will no doubt finish it off one lunch break this week.  I know what I need to write, but I just don't have the enthusiasm today, so I crafted instead.

These were the first make of the day:

These are some thank you cards for me to send out for my birthday/Christmas/wedding anniversary present (see, another reason to do it all in one week - only one set of thank yous need writing!),

These are made using the thank you butterfly from the Stampin' Up! Well Worded set, which also has a birthday cake, a mustache and a flower with various greetings on each.

I also decided to use my new Stampin' Up! stampin' write pens, after they were recommended to me by an LOTV DT member.  Anyway, I stamped the first pink and blue cards with these, and as you can see, the quality wasn't that brilliant, so for the other cards, I swapped to some Memento inks I have, and they worked much better.  

After doing the first four, I decided that I liked them and I would need to make some more to have enough for all the thank yous I need to write.  Instead of using the pens though, I decided to see how my distress inks would work, as I had the colours I wanted in distress ink, but not in memento.  I also decided to add a purple, as these are small 5x5 cards and I could get 6 blanks for stamping on from an A4 sheet, so I thought I might as well do that and end up with 2 each of each colour.  I think the distress inks work quite well - not quite as crisp as the mento inks, but then again, that is the idea of distress inks, isn't it?

I ummed and ahhed about adding some faux stitching so decided to add some to a pink card to see what it looked like - a use for the stampin' write markers!  I decided it didn't really add and in fact I preferred the starkness of the cards without it.  

I really like how these have worked out and I love how the black and white card has worked out, but my fave has to be the orange, probably because it is a colour I usually don't use, but it is so bright and works so well with the butterfly to inject a bit of Spring/Summer into the world, which is desperately needed - it is miserable and rainy here in Ilkley today.

Anyway, to sum up, I like the stamps with the memento and distress inks, and the jury is currently out on the stampin' write markers.  I might try them on something less solid, maybe a sentiment stamp, to see how they work.  I will definitely be investing in some more memento inks though.

I would like to enter these cards into the following challenges:

I have been a busy bee today making, so I will no doubt be back with some more makes later (or I'll blog about them eventually - maybe in 3 months! lol).

Happy Crafting!


Holly Christmas

Sooo, thanks to my uselessness at blogging these days, I still have a Christmas card to share with you:

This was an Order from my friend and I decided to go with an easel card, as I think they add a bit of something special.

I'm still trying to use up my stash (although I have treated myself to a few new bits, which I have been using today) so I used an LOTV mini masterpiece and papers from a Kaisercraft (I think) paper stack I have had in my stash for a while now.

I love the paper I used for the inside of the card as it has a little hidden decoration in the top left-hand corner, which you don't see until you open the card.  

I die-cut the name 'Holly' from a scrap of paper and layered this up to make a stopper.  I also used some gold ribbon from my stash to make a bow and added red stickles in pretty much every corner.   To finish, I stamped 'merry christmas' using red ink and a stampin' up! sentiment.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

I am planning on a day of making today, so I might be back later with some makes.  In any event, I still have loads of makes to blog about that I made before Christmas.

Happy Crafting!


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