Sunday, 24 January 2016

Twinkle Twinkle

Little staaaarrrrr

How I wonder what you are . . . .

And for a long time I was wondering what this dress was going to be.

blurry pic = best pic of my face

I've had the idea for this dress for ages, and it was actually one of my first doodlings in my croquis sketch book.

I had the fabric and I had the pattern, which weren't supposed to go together, but I had not used the fabric for it's intended purpose and one day whilst scrolling through my bloggy-blog inspiration struck . . . I could make another sea goddess dress, but this time learn from my previous problems, such as knowing now that there is no seam allowance included in Burda patterns, and realising that it is a petite pattern, which may be fine for my legs, but no good for my torso.  These meant that adjustments had to be made to the pattern. 

First off, I added a 5/8" seam allowance.  How did you do this I hear you ask?  I taped two pencils together and drew around the edge of the pattern twice.  this gives a 5/82 seam allowance almost perfectly.

I also extended the torso pattern pieces by about 2" and then used the slash and spread method to make some further fitting adjustments.

Once all this was done I made up a toile in some habatoi, which I was going to use for the lining.  I was so happy that the toile fit almost perfectly, or enought that I didn't feel the need to make any adjustments.  Doris then modelled the toile for about a month!!!  I'd done the muslin just before I went totally bat-sh*t nuts and didn't enter my sewing studio for two weeks.

sorry - these pics were taken on Phil's phone
while we were on holiday - the quality is
tres pantalons!

Then it came to cutting out the fabric, and aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh . . . with the best creative cutting in the world, the fabric was about 4 inches too narrow, and I couldn't get any more.  I think I thought I had more fabric that I did indeed have if I am honest.   So, I went off and had a sulk for a while.

I did think about making the skirt shorter, but I had my heart set on a 'look at me I'm a beach goddess' flowing long skirt dress.  Plus I thought a long dress would cover up my white legs on the first days of my holiday.  Not sure what my plans are for my white legs the rest of the holiday, but at least one of the days is sorted.

Anyway, while I was stewing on it, the depression and anxiety I have been suffering came to a head.  I got signed off work and pretty much slept for two weeks - I had zero interest in doing anything, and that included sewing/thinking about sewing. 

I eventually got my head sorted a bit and slowly made it back into my sewing room.  Concentration still wasn't my strong point, but I did have a lightbulb moment.  I had some blue sparkly chiffon in my stash didn't I?  Would that do the trick.  Did I have enough.  I certainly wasn't ordering any more as this stuff came from Australia, but I had only used a tiny amount for my Santa's dress.  Had I had enough foresight to order two metres or did I only have one?  And if I only had one, was that going to be enough?

It turned out that I had two metres, which meant I had enough to do the top.  I was so happy and excited.  So, I cut this out one morning, draping Phil in the lovely glittery fabric, which I'm sure he really appreciated, even if his face told a different story.  He loves glitter - he just needs to realise this.

Anyway, once the top half was done I pinned it back onto Doris to see what the dress looked like.  At this point, I decided to drape the spotty fabric around the skirt bit to check it would look as awesome as I imagined it in my head. . . . Uh! Oh!  It did not work.  At. All.  What was a girl to do?!  To be honest, I didn't get too disheartened and annoyed by this.  Because I love the glittery chiffon so much, I decided it would be worth the postage to buy some more from Oz and have a sheath of midnight dress.  So, that's what I did.

I seem to be back to being able to concentrate a bit better now, so I can venture off making collars and Pippa dresses, which for a while had been the only things I could concentrate on making because they were relatively quick and I could probably do them in my sleep.  Maybe going straight into making myself a new coat is not the best idea (I should maybe build up to such a big project), which had been my idea, but my lovely godmother bought me a gorgeous new winter coat a few weeks ago and I lobe it so much and thank our Lord Sandra that I have such a good godmother, that I have decided to postpone that particular project until Spring.  At the time of writing, we've just had the horrible floods, so maybe I should make myself a cagoule (is that spelled correctly) and some waders?!

Instead, I have Panto costumes to make.  I would say I will blog about them, but I've not been too good at that recently and have a huuuge backlog to blog about.

Let's see how all that goes shall we?

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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