Sunday, 13 March 2016

Doe A Deer . . .

 . . . a female deer . . . ray, a drop of golden suuuun . . .

Soooo, I have been singing Sound of Music songs ever since I went to see it at Leeds Grand with my fellow musicals geek, Lauren, back in July, and I think this is what might have finally decided to make me take the plunge and download the Deer & Doe Plantain Tee, which the blogosphere raves about.  I think Amanda at Bimble and Pimble may have originally brought the pattern to my attention, but now I see it everywhere.

So, I downloaded the pattern, and ........................ then did nothing with it.  I did, however, do some other projects, some of which can be found here here and here, and which also have some explanation as to why it has taken me so long to get started on this one.

Anyway, I was looking for a basic t-shirt pattern from which I could make some black lace stretch tops for Panto.  These were for the 'ratlings', the minions of the baddie, Queen Ratifa, and were to be played by some of the older girls in the chorus.  The director had requested something a bit glamorous, rather than a bog-standard rat costume, and I wanted to echo Ratifa's costume, which was red and black and contained lots of lace (and can be found here).

So, to start with the costume I decided to make some giant tulle skirts, which used up 200 metres of tulle.  I alternated black and red tulle and added sequins.  Simple enough, if a little time consuming.

Then, I ordered some black stretch lace from White Tree Fabrics and remembered that I had downloaded the plantain tee pattern.  Perhaps this pattern is not designed to be made up in stretch lace the first time you try it out, but I never did do things the easy way - baptism of fire is my usual method when it comes to sewing.

Anyway, I was not to worry - this is one of the easiest patterns I have sewn and I love it!

I cut the smallest size out, and although they are a teeny bit big, they looked good on (over some black vest tops of course!).  I was using my mum's machine at this point so I used a small zig zag stitch for the seams and then cut the seams down to as close to the stitching as I dare, as I didn't want giant seams showing through the lace.

I may have found this pattern so easy as, due to the lace, none of the edges needed finishing - no neck band of hemming the sleeves and bottom of the to.

This has to be one of my fave costumes, if one of the simplest, and I topped it off with some glitter mouse ears I found on ebay!

Anyway, the eldest niece (who seems to be turning into a goth) has requested a version of this top and I think I might make one for myself, and then some more versions in other colours and fabrics . . . 

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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