Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Pink Fairy Dress

Sooo, I don't often share my Pippa dress makes these days.  If you want to see them, please visit my HolzMolzPolz Etsy shop, but the latest one I have made is so very beautiful that I just HAVE to share it with the world.

This was a commission from my friend, Caroline, whose friend is expecting a little girl in June.  My brief was 'pink and girly'.  So, I set about trying to find the perfect pink fabric.  I found loads of pink fabrics, but not one of them was quite right.  Then I bought some lilac fairies Michael Miller cotton from The Little Fabric Bazaar, totally by coincidence - not intention towards Caroline's dress was there, but she like the photo I posted up on Facebook and an idea was born . . . I wonder if I could get that fabric in pink.  

I searched all my usual fabric stores, bricks & mortar and online, and finally found some on eBay, just as I was about to give up hope and try to convince Caroline that lilac was so much better than pink.  Anyway, I ordered it straight away, pre-washed and ironed it, and then it say in the fabric stash for a couple of weeks while I caught up with everything I was doing - mostly alterations!

Anyway, I cut an age 6 months (which I usually only do for commissions) and cut some pink satin lining to go with it.  I think I can make these things in my sleep now, so altogether from cutting to final stitch, I think this one took me no more than two hours.

how beautiful is the glitter on the
fairy wings?
I was quite careful of print placement, wanting to get a column of fairies down the centre front, which I have managed to do, and not be cutting fairy heads off anywhere it could be avoided.

I just love love love the glitter on the fairy wings on this fabric (and have made myself a skirt from a similar fabric simply for the glitter wings), and decided to go with the glitter theme and get some pink glitter buttons from eBay and I used some sheer organza ribbon  to make a little bow.  I didn't want to put anything else on the dress really, as it would then distract from the awesomeness of the fabric.

I was going to put the ribbon on the neckline, but decided on such a little one that it would probably irritate, so I moved the bow to near the bottom and attached it to a flower stalk to make it look as though the little flower is now a gift . . . genius I know :-)

Anyway, that is it.  I just thought it was too pretty not to share.

Happy Crafting!


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