Sunday, 24 July 2016

Disney Descendants Prom

Soooo, as promised, this is the second prom dress I made this year, and this one is for my niece, who is 11.  I know, right, what 11 year old has a prom?!?!  When I told people I was making a prom dress for my niece, they all assumed that she was 16 or older, which I am offended by - do I look old enough to have a 16 year old niece?!?!  They're not to know that it is totally possible because my sister is 7 years older than me.  I am offended!!!!

Anywho, when I found out the eldest nieceling was having a prom, I assumed her tom-boy self would insist on wearing a suit, but when we were watching Disney's Descendants (it's a Disney Channel movie and I highly recommend it) one day, she decided that she would quite like a dress like the one Evie (daughter of the evil Queen from Snow White) wears for the coronation ceremony, which looks like this:

I tried to convince the nieceling that she wanted the purple one, but she wanted to the blue one.
The other nieceling might want the purple one.

After I got over my shock, we decided that this would be an awesome prom dress, and she agreed, providing she could wear it with some Converse.  The fact that she wanted to wear a) a dress and b) something not black astounded me and her mother so much that we agreed straight away.

twinkly organza
So, the hunt for the pattern began, and I finally came across McCalls M7124, which was nearly perfect, so I ordered that and then waited.  There was no point starting too early as she is currently wont to go through growth spurts on a weekly basis.  I did order the fabric though, which was some twinkle organza and crepe back satin from White Tree Fabrics, together with some horsehair braid from Minerva - 30 metres of the stuff.

Anyway, when measuring the nieceling, she confirmed that she did not want a full-length dress, but a knee-length version.  Not a problem my mouth said . . . . aaarrrrgggghhhh mayday! mayday! my brain said.  How was I going to shorten the flounces?  I had no idea.  I spent two weeks thinking about this, getting out the pattern pieces, folding  them, unfolding them, googling for help (none forthcoming).  I needed to chop about 19 inches off the things.

I eventually had a eureka moment, but I didn't write it down, so I couldn't now tell you exactly how I did it, but I shortened at the lengthen/shorten line as much as I could and then took some more off from somewhere else.

I could get on with the cutting out then.  This took me nearly a full day.  I kept getting bored and going to do something else.  I had  to cut out 6 flounces on the fold and then another 12 individual ones.

Once all the cutting out was done, construction was actually fairly straightforward, if very time consuming.  I've added it up, and sewing together the flounces and then hemming the things with horsehair braid took me over 16 hours in total - that is over two whole work days!!  The dress section was really simple - a princess seamed bodice (which I make all the time for myself) and a panelled skirt, although you have to baste the flounces to the skirt before sewing the panels together, and the instructions how to do this are confusing and the line drawings misleading, but I figured out I'd done it wring straight away, so I only did one wrong.

I decided to add the yoke from View A as I didn't want to have Georgia worrying about pulling her dress up all night, and I used french seams in the end on the shoulders.  I used some satin bias binding from my stash on the neckline, but only had enough for that, so the arms are turned under and sewn.

It took me a day to sew up the rest after I had done the flounces and I was tres happy with it.  It is very heavy though . . .

I walked into Ilkers and bought a very sparkly box to deliver it to the nieceling, and she seemed to like it.  Here she is in it with her Converse, which I can confirm are sparkly:

The nieceling says she is never getting rid of it and will save it for her nieces. . . .

So, once I had finished this, I started on a quick sun dress for the other nieceling for her holidays, which I will share with you soon.

In the meantime . . . 

Happy Crafting!




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