Sunday, 31 July 2016

Princess Rose

Sooo, after making the ultimate prom dress for the eldest nieceling, I didn't want the youngest nieceling (age 8) feeling left out, so I decided to make her a dress too.  My idea was simple - make her a little sun dress for her holidays, as they were going abroad for the first time ever.  I also decided to make a dress I knew which I thought would make it easier and quicker.  I also thought I would have loads of time to get it done, and I was being uber prepared.

I chose Simplicity 1382, which I have in my stash in the half sizes, which are perfect for Evie, as she is not the dainty little 8-year old that all her friends are - she is nearly as tall as me and built like me, bless her, not that that ever stops her doing anything - she is the most active child I know.  She never stops moving.  She should be a lat like her sister, but the curse of looking like me is that even though she dances pretty much everywhere and is on the trampoline at every opportunity, she has to wear age 12 clothes.  I think its because she appears to have an allergy to walking anywhere - I used to be the same though.

Anyway, in my uber preparedness, I traced out the correct size.  I have made this dress for her before for Halloween (see here) but she has grown since then.  I then went and bought the fabric, which I had seen in Boyes ages ago and knew would be perfect for the nieceling as she is a girly girl and anything pink is fine with her.  Personally, I avoid pink really, but she luuuuurves it.  I'd even bought some sparkly heart buttons to go with it.

Then, I got on with Georgia's prom dress, which thanks to the 30 metres of organza than needed hemming with horsehair braid took me about a week longer than I thought it would, vesting cutting into my sewing time for Evie's dress, but I was determined to get it done.  So, once I had finished and delivered Georgia's dress, I started on Evie's straight away.  I remembered from last time that I didn't really like the facings for the bodice.  They just didn't seem right.  So I decided to fully line the bodice.  And then, in my infinite wisdomosity,  I decided if I was lining one bit, I might as well line the whole thing and decided to line the skirt too - well, it would sit better wouldn't it.  And then, my wisdomosity (or lack thereof) took over and I decided to add some puff to the skirt and put in a layer of netting.  Of course, I decided to do all this with only two and a half evenings of sewing available to me, as they were going on holiday on the Saturday so  I had to deliver on the Friday.

Luckily, I remembered that I really enjoyed making this dress, so it was no big deal to me to have to sit and sew really.

Construction was pretty straight forward - princess seams to the front with a waistband.  The back looks complicated, but really isn't.  It is sewn the same as any dress I would make for myself with a lining or all in one facing and then given a good press. 

I had to scratch my head a little to figure out the best way to put in the zip (which I am happy to say went in almost perfectly first time), but I figured it out in the end - zip first, then add netting and lining . . . and simples.

Then I delivered to the nieceling.  She didn't seem too bothered about it at first, but she wanted to know why I had arrived without her uncle Philip (my husband), and then when he did arrive, she was only bothered about him.  People think that she is ours because she looks so much like me and barely leaves his side . . . . I have to assure the people that I am not responsible for her.  I also put it down to the fact that she was excited for her holidays, and hungry as takeaway was taking forever to arrive.

Anyway, when I got home, I got a text from the sister with some photos of her in it, and apparently Evie thinks that she is now a princess as there is only one of that dress in the whole wide world.  And she is right, she will always be a princess, just as I am a princess, or now that the nieces are here, Queen Auntie Holly Fabulous, The Most Awesome (I gave myself a small promotion).

So there you go . . . This is now known as the Princess Evie dress.  I wonder if she'll want some more in different colours.  Or, just different pinks.

Anyway, I can now, finally, get on with some sewing for me!  Starting with some alterations and repairs.

Happy Crafting!


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