Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Plans

Sooo, 2016 was not the best year for getting on with my sewing goals.  

Life in general was just meh last year when it came to getting stuff done that I wanted to do.  I never seemed to stop for more than 2 seconds at a time.   

I started the year with Panto costumes, which was quite possibly the most stressful thing I have ever undertaken.  Costumes for all the principles plus 24 members of the chorus quite nearly finished me off (and blew up my machine, which meant I HAD to buy a new one).  I swore I wouldn't do it again, and then lo and behold, guess what I am doing now.  In my defence I did agree to help out thinking that I wouldn't have any studying to do and work was in a quite period.  Since then, however, I have started studying for my CILEX qualifications, which is something I have wanted to do pretty much since I left school.  I half did it in my early twenties, but then as it is something that needs to be sponsored by your employer, I have not been able to restart after getting made redundant in 2008.  Work agreed this year to sponsor me and I was in no position (and didn't want) to say no to that.  It is a lot of work, and a ton of reading, but so far I am getting perfectly acceptable marks and I am happy with that.  I also, weirdly as it sounds, actually quite enjoy the studying.

After that, it seemed to be a year of selfless sewing, reminding me that I generally hate sewing for other people.  I started losing weight, and saw no point in making myself anything until this stopped, as I would only have to alter it again, and I do hate altering, so I sewed mostly for others.  

On the plus side, I do seem to have pretty much beaten my panic attacks, which is a good thing.  Still have terrible anxiety at moments, but it doesn't, thank god, often develop in to the full blown panic attacks I was having.

I had had grand plans for 2016 sewing, as you can see from my post at the beginning of the year - jeans, a coat, a burda dress, something for Phil and getting used to my overlocker.  I have managed 3 of these, so 60% isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I have used my overlocker a few times.  I haven't yet changed the thread in it (haven't needed to) but I have bought some more thread for when the time comes and I plan to make liberal use of the overlocker for panto costumes.

AND I sewed something for Phil.  I made him a waistcoat (at his request) and a summer dressing gown for Christmas.   I will be sharing these on the blog soon.  I have plans for a shirt for him, but I need him present for many measurings and fittings for that I think, so making for Christmas wasn't an option.  I do have the pattern and fabric though.

I have also made a coat.  Admittedly, this was not for me, but for the mother's xmas present, which will be on the blog soon.  So, I still haven't done anything with that pattern I graded up.  I kind of fell out of love with it, so I bought a Simple Sew Trench pattern, and then saw a coat I liked in Ness for £30 and thought I would spare myself some stress and just buy it.  I will eventually make myself something coat-like.  I'm currently thinking velvet blazer for smarts.  We shall see.  I am putting no pressure on myself to do this as I have all coat things I need for the time being.
THAT burda dress . . .
one day maybe

I gave up on that Burda dress, as I couldn't and still can't figure out how I would do a FBA on it.  One day I will figure it out and then maybe re-address this pattern.

More on the jeans plans below.

Anyway, without trying to put too much pressure on myself for 2017, I do have some plans once panto is out of the way:

1. Lingerie and Swimsuit Making - with a view to making the Closet Case Files Sophie for my holidays. I am also desperate for new bras  I am going to start small on this one and make sure I learn the techniques I need.  I have downloaded the Seamwork Florence and Geneva patterns and I have a lingerie techniques book, so I am starting small on things I'm not too bothered about.  Hopefully by summer I will be happy to tackle some underwired bras and then be confident enough  to make myself a swimsuit for my holidays in December.  

2. Activewear - I need new dancewear - my leggings fall down on me and I don't like any of my tops.  This is probably bottom of my list though, if I am honest.

3. A shirt for Phil - I have the fabric (from Guthrie Ghani).  I have the pattern (Thread Theory Fairfield).  He has asked for one.  Now that he doesn't work weekends, he might be at home a bit more to be available for measurings and fittings.

4. Tackle Knits -  I said I would make a Colette Myrtle over a year ago and I shall, especially now I have got used to using my overlocker.  I have also discovered that I can use my Seamwork credits to by non-Seamwork Colette patterns, so effectively this pattern will be free.  I think I might start with the Moneta though, as the cowl on the Myrtle still concerns me a little.

5. Trousers and jeans - I have none in my wardrobe.  I know I said I would tackle jeans last year, but I decided to start with trousers to get a basic knowledge, but my attempt at trousers was not too successful.  However, the little sister has bought me the Sew Over It Ultimate Guide to Making Trousers online class so I will start there, get the fitting sorted, have some summery trousers in my wardrobe and then think about tackling jeans (probably around 2019).  I still want to make the Gingers though.

Anyway, that's it for my plans.  I'm sure there will be dresses and skirts in there, along with some things for the nieces and for my sisters, but no further pressure is to be put on myself I have decided.  I have enough pressure from work and studying without adding to it with sewing.

I am also continuing my knitting learning.  I am getting there . . . my plan this year is to tackle a cardigan for myself as I have only made small things so far.

I still have some makes from 2016 to share so they will be up on the blog soon.

In the meantime . . . Happy Crafting!


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