Saturday, 7 January 2017

My Little Quality Street

Soooo, back in November it was my youngest niece's 9th birthday.  This is my little mini me (looks like me, lives in own world like me) and I can't believe that she is nine already!  I feel so old.

You can just about see the matching
sparkly shoes I bought her to match
and the hair comb 

Anyway, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, I don't think there was any doubt that it would be something I made (as is tradition) and she asked for a pink dress.  She loves pink and she loves dresses, so I probably could have guessed this, but as last year's request was an elephant costume, you never really can tell with that girl!

Anyway, I had plan, and that plan involved pink taffeta, so off to eBay I went to order some.  I do get a lot of fabric from eBay when my usual online shops have not come up trumps for me, which they hadn't in this instance.

Although Evie is only nine, she is nearly as tall as me so I know that I can make her adult-sized clothes.  In fact, I had done this for her halloween costume, which I will share eventually.  So I was not going to go with her request for a dress, but instead I wanted to make her the Simple Sew Sophia skirt and Top set, which I had attempted for myself a while ago, but it didn't quite work out due to it just not being my style (bewbs being the issue) but I thought it would be perfect for Evie.  The plan was a pink skirt and a gold (possibly sequin) top.

Anyway, when my fabric arrived, it wasn't pink but purple!  Ahhhhhhhh.  Not a problem though, I could find a use for the purple and order some more pink from somewhere.  I told Evie that her fabric had arrived the wrong colour but would order some more, but she said that she was happy with purple because I had already made her a pink dress in the summer.

This suited me, and then I thought purple and gold would be too Christmassy, so decided to use some silver sequin fabric I had in my stash for the top part.  It wasn't until I had sewed everything together that I realised I had turned my niece into a Quality Street . . . but the best quality street an auntie could ask for (puke here!)
I remembered to add a little bias
binding tab in to show which was
the front and back of the top

Anyway, construction should have been fairly straight forward, but of course I like to make things difficult for myself don't I.  I decided to line the skirt so it didn't snag on Evie's tights (a pet hate of mine) and then I thought, as I was lining it, why didn't I add some some dress net too to make the skirt stand out.  Anyway, it wasn't too bad, just a lot of layers to deal with on my small sewing desk.  I also remembered to add pockets this time!  Can't beat pockets.
lined and netted.  I used by rolled hem
foot to do the hem on the lining
So proud that I finally mastered this -
it has taken a few years!

The top was also fairly straight forward.  Much easier than my last attempt, as I made no attempt whatsoever to line it at all.  I figured Evie could wear a vest top underneath if  the sequins bothered her.  Instead, I bound the edges with some satin bias binding.  I didn't have any silver in my stash and as I am impatient, I couldn't be bothered to wait for the shops to open to go buy some, so I looked to see what else I had, and would you know it, I had some purple satin binding in my stash.  The only decision I had to make was whether to have the binding on show or fold it in and just have it on the inside.  A few consultations with the hubby and sisters later we decided to have the binding on show.

And the outfit was done!

I think she liked it.  I gave her it a day early so she could wear it for her birthday party.

Anyway,  have already decided what I am making her for next year (or this year now), so she doesn't get a choice this year . . . mwahahahahahahaha (evil auntie!), although it does have some pink on it.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. What a lovely aunt you are and what a lucky girl. That colour really suits her. So nice to have a special outfit well done you K xXx


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