Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tartan Toddlers

Soooo, today I would like  to share with you a customer request I got before Christmas, which I enjoyed making, and it seems my customer really liked:

The order was for 2 red tartan Pippa dresses and a matching waistcoat.

They are made from red polyviscose tartan and some gold buttons from Duttons for Buttons in Ilkley (which has quite possibly the most miserable sales assistants I have ever seen in a haberdashery, but I keep going back for the large (expensive) button selection), with some red satin lining and some gold ribbon to finish.

I paid some attention to pattern matching on the waistcoat, but other than that there really isn't much to say about construction of these that I haven't said in previous posts here and here, but I just really liked the finished result and the feedback I got from my customer was lovely:

"Absolutely beautiful dresses and waistcoat. The attention to detail was amazing: lined, gorgeous gold trim and beautiful buttons. I ordered these for a special Christmas train day and we received many compliments all day about how lovely the girls looked. Thank you so much!"

It really made my day to read that feedback. 

I think the only thing I did that was new/different was the slider for the waistcoat.  I couldn't find gold ones, which had been my preferred, so had to get silver ones, which did not go with the rest of the waistcoat AT ALL.  The solution - paint it red with nail varnish!  I think it worked a treat.  I did a couple of coats to make sure it looked its best, but definitely a tip for future coordination.

Sorry for the short post - we are now in the middle of Panto and my time is no longer my own - studying hasn't been done for weeks, sewing for myself is something I can't remember and I'm pretty sure I'm about to have  another nervous breakdown as a result of exhaustion, but it will all be over soon, and I can't wait!

I'll be back with some more makes then.

Happy Crafting!


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