Saturday, 22 April 2017


Soooo, as I am sat blogging, I will share with you another of my 2016 makes (4 months late).

This is the dressing gown I made by hubby, Phil, for Christmas:

Phil is the warmest person I know - he is always boiling hot and is my own personal radiator, and all he does in summer is moan that he is too warm.  I stole his, what I thought was, lightweight dressing gown one day and realised how very warm that was too, no wonder he moaned so much, so an idea was born - I would make him a summer-weight dressing gown from lightweight cotton.

I knew straight away that  wanted it to be a Hugh Heffner smoking jacket style dressing gown, so the hunt was on for appropriate fabric, and I found this perfect polycotton from Minerva - navy with blue spots and plain burgundy for the bands.

I used a pattern from the last series' Sewing Bee Book, tracing it off the pattern sheets which was a pain in the butt, because they are stacked burda-style on the pattern sheets.  I got there in the end and construction from then on was fairly straight forward with not too many seams to deal with.  I even included in-seam pockets.  My main problem was keeping Phil out of my sewing room while I was trying to sew.  I put a sign on the door and everything, and he still kept coming into the room.

I was going to top stitch the bands in place and did try this but didn't do too fantastic a job, so gave up, unpicked and then handstitched them in place.

Phil was not too impressed with his present (rude!) and said it was too Hugh Heffner - duh!  that is what I was going for.  However, since it has started to get a little warmer I think he is happy to have a lighter, cooler, dressing gown to wear to solve him being too warm or having to walk around the house in the nuddy pants.

Hopefully I will be back soon with some more makes.

In the meantime . . . 

Happy Crafting!


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