Sunday, 21 May 2017

No Need To Get All Shirty

Soooo, hello.  Today I would like to share with you a present I made for my honorary nephew, Jake (and delivered only two weeks late too!!!)

To be honest, there isn't much to say about this - no massive disasters, nothing I hated about sewing this shirt.

This is my first foray into shirt sewing, if you don't count this shirtdress and this shirtdress, or these pyjamas, and I am feeling a bit more confident about sewing up some shirts for my hubby now - I have a pattern and the fabric, I just need to crack on (after some selfish sewing of course).

Anyway, this is Butterick 3475, which is a sweet little pattern and easy to put together.  Pattern piece wise, it is a back cut on the fold, two front pieces, with grown on facings, two sleeves and one collar pattern piece, cut twice.  There is a separate pattern piece for the facing interfacing, as the actual facing is grown on to the front shirt piece.  Someone on instagram has said this had confused her a bit, and I was prepared for the same confusion, but my head must have been in the right place at the right time as I just 'got' this with no problems first time.

The shirt came together relatively quickly - about three episodes of Ally McBeal I think - and the collar construction was really straight forward with clear instructions.  I think that the only issue I really had with this shirt is that I decided to make it from chevron fabric - pattern matching was a nightmare, but once I stopped caring, it was fine.  I also couldn't decide which buttons to use.  I had a choice of about 5 sets, but my instinct were these red ones and my husband agreed, so we went with the red.

I hope Jake likes his present.  He's 8 now, so I don't feel that I can make him the wacky presents I used to, because he will want to be all cool now.  I remember my oldest niece going through that stage - she seems to have come out of it now even weirder than she was before, which I love!!!!  Anyway, for the time being, I have to make Jake sensible presents I think, so no wacky prints, no cool hats like this one . . . sad times.

Anyway, this might be the last post for a month or so.  I have no more set up (this is a scheduled post) and I have exams mid-June, which I should probably concentrate on, so even if I fit a bit of sewing in (and I hope I do), I probably won't get it blogged until after the exams.  In fact, I'm supposed to be studying now, but getting too distracted with blogging . . . 

Wish me luck!

In the meantime . . . .

Happy Crafting!



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